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Best of 2017

Top 10 POTD Votes
BYU at Gonzaga 130 FuriousMonkey
A shout out to Corbin Kaufusi for being a pretty darn good guy 67 jdub
Here it is from Ah You, VIDEO IS POSTED 60 Six Foot Seven
. 49 BlueFrog
TNT had a thought while he was sitting on a beach 42 TNT
The men's march against fascism already happened. It looked like this 41 bocadillotortuga
Thank you for welcoming Gonzaga to the Marriott Center for last Thursday’s 36 GU Salt Lake Alumni
RichieRich 35 goldy
Ziggy is the man! 31 IceBlueCoug
Don't know if already posted. Derik Stevenson's LaVell story - Awesome 31 BlueVU
Top 10 Thumbs Up
Thank you for welcoming Gonzaga to the Marriott Center for last Thursday’s 132 GU Salt Lake Alumni
Cougs get Gunter. 99 riboflavin
BYU at Gonzaga 98 FuriousMonkey
Here it is from Ah You, VIDEO IS POSTED 94 Six Foot Seven
Tip of the cap 86 GoZags
A shout out to Corbin Kaufusi for being a pretty darn good guy 82 jdub
Ziggy is the man! 80 IceBlueCoug
Valentine's Day is just a weird day, especially for an invented holiday. 74 jdub
Takitaki tweety tweety 74 Indy Coug
Came across this tweet 69 MWKV3
Top 10 Thumbs Down
Not to throw water on a grease fire... but all BYU did tonight was weaken the 45 TheDeek
The NBA should force a Jazz move to Las Vegas 41 TCuz13
Once again CB is ruining my day...... 35 Bluedomination
I'd love to see enrollment cut. We have the talent to be an elite academic school. No need to water things down...... 28 HarlemCoug
POLL: Is ice cream the most overrated treat known to man? 23 smokymountainrain
<< Deleted >> 22 BigTD
BYU barely a recognizable brand in the WCC 21 ColoZag
I have been a Dave Rose supporter since he got here but it is time to hang it up 20 BYU DUDE 1984
I don't like when places put real cheese on burgers. 20 ByuImaginesDragons
Yeah it really looked like you had 20 archie
Top 10 Laughs
Here we go... 171 P-Boy Squad
Dallin Leavitt calls out a HS kid and gets roasted. 142 riboflavin
My world got rocked tonight at family dinner. I found out that the John Stockton 126 blackandblue
I live in Boston and I'm at church this morning and there is this very active 87 JohnnyB
So very sad. 85 OldCosmo
Oh the irony. 78 unctoothman
Kyle Wittingham's shirt 78 Crush4
Math is hard. 76 Cougazul
Well Kalani is getting noticed 74 monkeycowboy
Dating with no car can be a joke 72 Tricky
Top 10 Sad Faces
. 80 BlueFrog
Asking folks to put the rivalry aside and send thoughts to WebMonkey's family 56 61_Shasta
Our cat just died. 50 Biff
Jabari tore his ACL again. 43 riboflavin
I'm back 34 byuguns55
Most disappointing thing I saw tonight involved a female BYU fan in her 50s 32 rivercitycoug
Ouch 30 fredetteaboutit13
Good night, Baylor. 28 riboflavin
3am my daughter heard an explosion in her driveway in Cedar City 27 HighHorse
BYU approves absurd swimming pool plans. 26 immacougar
Top 10 Views
Cool that all NBA coaches are wearing bow ties in honor of Michael Goldberg 9,112 ManicBlue
Didn't take Whitt & Ute's staff long to be there to "resolve concerns" w/ Tufele 8,999 BamaCoug
So what happens if BYU can't close the deal on... 8,563 MaxxPower
Chaz Ah You 8,489 MSG
Nick Emery just explained why Byu hasn't won the WCC yet 8,104 seryran
Came across this tweet 8,059 MWKV3
For what it's worth, my cousin in the AD office 7,982 snowbird
Wonder who Ed Lamb is referring to. What QB is transferring that would be on 7,842 Delicate Genius
Francis Bernard 7,747 SL12
Wells being a complete jackyewt to tukuafu by not releasing him 7,666 kotacoug