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Feb 11, 2013
Anae: "Pass on every 1st down, run on every 2nd down..."
This message is in reply to: I find this amusing as well. People here seem to forget about how frustrated (LV Mike)

I find this amusing as well. People here seem to forget about how frustrated
fans were with Anae - mostly because things got so bad under Doman. Get ready for more: pass on every first down, run on every second down, pass on every third down. We'll be better, but only because things got so horrid under Doman.

Here is the breakdown of BYU's run/pass ratios from 2005 to 2010 under Anae:

Down Run% Pass%
1 55.80% 44.20%
2 49.37% 50.63%
3 34.04% 65.96%
4 61.11% 38.89%

Looks like a completely inaccurate "analysis" to me.

Here's the NCAA run/pass ratios during the same span of time:

Down Run% Pass%
1 61.08% 38.92%
2 55.13% 44.87%
3 38.43% 61.57%
4 53.78% 46.22%

So here's the difference between Anae and the NCAA overall:

Down Run% Pass%
1 -5.28% 5.28%
2 -5.76% 5.76%
3 -4.39% 4.39%
4 7.33% -7.33%

Since BYU passed 4.75% of the time more often than average, the splits by downs are not that out of line. Hardly as predictable as the quoted "analysis" would have you believe.



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