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Jun 25, 2013 - 1:28am
um ... apparently you also missed 4
that our defense played against the #9 passing offense - Washington St. Oops, doesn't fit your argument. It's ok ... you're missing a lot of things.

So, what does that make it now ? #6, #9, #20, and #40 passing offenses ? Too bad we didn't play Oregon 'cause we would have killed them with their #71 passing offense ... right ?

Alabama had the #1 ranked defense in the country. Wonder how many top passing offenses they played against. Hmmm ... #14 TAMU, #21 Arkansas, and #30 Georgia. Oh no .. they gave up 300 yds passing to the #92 passing offense LSU. How could this be ? They're horrible !! According to your argument, Bama's defense is waaay overrated, and they're lucky they didn't face more teams that were good at passing the ball.

Btw, 'squeaking out a 3 pt win' over Utah St had nothing to do with the defense holding them to only 3 pts. Interested in debating that ?

Want to make any other lame arguments ?
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