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Sep 6, 2013 - 11:07pm
We won't get blown out tomorrow, but BYU football is broken right now. 1
I predict that tomorrow's game will turn out somewhat similar to the game in Austin 2 years ago, although Texas probably has a better offense now than they did then.

Unfortunately, that means it's going to go the way most close games have gone for us the last 3 going on 4 years: close defensive struggle, but where we can't manage a lot of production on offense to get the job done.

This is my take on where we are with things right now. Bronco is an awesome defensive coach. He has gotten our defense to do things that it has never done in the past. We have athletes playing on that side of the ball that haven't been there before. I'll say it again: he's done an outstanding job with the defense.

The problem is, Bronco is the head coach, and he's not doing an outstanding job with that. When I say he's not doing an outstanding job, I don't mean he needs to be winning national titles, Heismans, or even multiple top 10 finishes. I just mean he needs to maximize BYU's potential within the sphere of what we are capable of. He's squandered a lot of potential and talent away without a whole lot to show for it.

Back in 05 through 09, when BYU was consistently getting higher ranked recruiting classes than Utah, TCU, and Boise, Bronco's teams underperformed and won meaningless Las Vegas bowl games while those 3 teams were winning BCS bowls. Now that those schools have surpassed us in recruiting, and we have a tougher schedule with Independence, things are just getting worse.

For over 3 years now, BYU's offense hasn't been any better than some pedestrian 3rd place MWC school offense. Blame it on the QB rotating door, offensive line, bad offensive coaches, whatever. It doesn't matter, because whatever the reason, the only thing in common that whole time is that Bronco has been the head coach, and as we've seen to start this season off, he still hasn't got it figured out.

3 years of issues aren't suddenly going to get fixed in one week between a poor performance against UVA and tomorrow's game against Texas. Like I said, I predict it will just be more of the same of what we've been seeing, which is boring, unproductive offensive football.

I'm sure someone will retort with the standard replies of "who would you replace Bronco with" or "it's no worse than what Lavell did." First off, that's for the AD to figure out, and if we are going to just settle because we can't find anyone better, than we are at a pretty sad state of affairs. As to the comparison to Lavell, I don't compare Bronco to Lavell. I compare him to what BYU could potentially be doing, and I don't think he's reaching that potential.

Either way, I'm a sucker for punishment. I'm flying out in the morning to Utah to watch a game that will probably end in the same frustrating result we've been watching for 3 years, and nothing will change. I hope with all my heart BYU pulls an upset and tomorrow ends on a happy note, but I'm not counting on it.
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