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Apr 19, 2014 - 6:02:44pm
In line for a roller coaster and they couldn't fit the guy into the car. 1 19
There is a visible and public status board that lights up green for every seat that is "secured", and his just wouldn't get off red. They pushed, he sucked in, took off his jacket, sucked in some more, and finally with a giant shove the girl helping him got the bar to go down far enough and the light to go green. He looked over at his son next to him in triumph. Then the light turned red again. So they went through the routine again, and it went green, just to turn red. So, the girl kind of pushed on the bar really hard, got the light green, and jogging along side him, they started the ride. He looked extremely uncomfortable.

Anyway, it made me contemplate life, and things you can do to prolong your life with your kids. After that experience, I made the commitment to never get on the same roller coaster car as a fat guy, because it could derail and kill me.



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