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Oct 28, 2014 - 6:48:49pm
RE: BYU is in the same position as Utah was when McBride was the coach. 1
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NO! It's much worse. Much, much, much, much worse.

I dug deep into my soul, pondering this on my current business road trip! BYU is declining. I am sitting here in Redding, CA, at the Outback, and have come to the conclusion that BYU football will not be a proud program until the DUDES at the TOP wanna really make it a missionary tool. Right now, it's the laughing stock of a religious institution in college football.

Sorry boys and girls. I used to be the MOST BLUE GOGGLED on here! I bought into the snake oil that was being sold by this current staff. Yes, they are all great men! MOVE ALONG THOUGH, time for some big boy football, time for BYU to make a decision.

FANS in UTAH, quit going to the product that is being put out on the field! If you all really want change, hurt BYU football by not PURCHASING season tickets, going to games, or buying the gear. Quit sending money to the program! Change needs to happen and sometimes it takes pain to make it happen!

Maybe BYU will listen! I hope they do!


Originally posted on Oct 28, 2014 at 6:48:49pm
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