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Oct 28, 2009 - 9:42am
Idiots egged Jaime Hill's car...
I'm very upset at this! Do you realize how this makes us look? Sure, I guess there is no evidence that this wasn't just something completely random and not related to the BYU/TCU game - but from what I've heard no other cars, etc were hit. I can't believe the inability for some BYU fans to seperate their emotions & personal attacks.

I've seen way too much criticism singling out and being blatently rude towards players and coaches that are doing their best. I'm not saying you have to agree with everything that is said/done/displayed - but for heaven's sake it is football! The coaches and players, despite what many of you think, are actually trying to win football games. They don't deserve any rude, insulting, or other childish remarks/behavior. Let's be courteous and respectful in our differences and opinions!

Anyone that takes it this personal has a real problem...
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Oct 28, 9:43am
agreed. (nm)
Oct 28, 9:43am
Oct 28, 7:30pm
dispicable (nm)
Oct 28, 9:45am
Jinx (nm)
Oct 28, 9:45am
dispicable (nm)
Oct 28, 9:44am
Oct 28, 9:44am
Pathetic (nm)
Oct 28, 10:02am
link? (nm)
Oct 28, 10:03am
Oct 28, 4:15pm
Oct 28, 2:10pm
very bad!! (nm)
Oct 28, 2:17pm
RE: (nm)
Oct 28, 3:00pm
Oct 28, 3:50pm
Oct 28, 4:59pm
pathetic (nm)
Oct 28, 5:02pm
Oct 28, 7:03pm
Oct 29, 8:44am

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