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Nov 16, 2009 - 11:16:08am
Socks and the Honor Code: A BYU tale
When my older brother was at the Y (during the Detmer years) he was the Publisher of the Student Review, which at that time was not the sucky rag it eventually came. I know a number of the people who were on the staff at that time and the caliber (as evidenced by the things they've gone on to do) was exceptionally high.

They also got feature interviews with very cool people, including Rex Lee. By the time I'd come to BYU the SR had been taken over by a bunch of self-consciously rebellious tryhard/blowhards who very little to contribute. Some of them probably now post on Cougarboard.

But I digress.

In 1990 there was still a "must wear socks" rule in the HC. Someone at the HC office actually told my bro and others that it had to do with leg hair being an extension of pubic hair. Yup.

So they decided to do a little photo opp. They put two people under a blanket in front of the BYU statue with just their feet and heads showing. It was captioned "these people are not wearing socks."

I have no idea what impact that had but at least the dumb socks clauses in the HC have been removed (at least I think they have, bc I wore flip flops all the time at BYU).



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