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Jul 2, 2010 - 10:22:42am
I hope most of you find the bantering

back and forth on the board entertaining, as I do. I know there are some that take this very serious. The swear their undieing oath to BYU often, no matter what. For them, there is a living, breathing connection between God-church-BYU- BYU athletics. There are others who have other reasons for following BYU athletics.

Since I don't take the connection that seriously, mine ends at God-church, church-BYU is the same as church-KSL for me. I find the atmoshpere when it gets heightened as entertaining and I admit I join in the fun. At times though, it seems people are being scrutinized to see if they are going to qualify as one of the ones who get to pull a handcart back to Missouri.

Just for my future reference, I would like to know who would disagree with this statement.

For BYU to remain the football power, yes I believe they are a power, we need all of the fan types we have.

Those that treat it like a religion, those that watch at home, those that love the HC, those that think it needs adjustments and those that hate it. We need the fans that feel like booing, I don't, but I think we need them. While we can afford to banter back and forth, does anyone really believe in a purification of the fan base.

Maybe no one does, but I would like for future reference to know if there is anyone who does.

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