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Feb 20, 2012 - 1:17pm
I don't hate Bronco but I am tired of him, wish there were a
better option available but there's not. Bronco is a great improvement over Crowton and I'm happy he has cleaned things up. I just don't think he's smart enough or puts in enough hours to put us into elite status. I don't think he knows how to manage talent or a locker room. I think he put too much trust into upperclass leaders to take care of things and that backfired into the biggest non-HC fiasco that I can remember. He needs to ditch the organizational behavior and delegation stuff.

I don't want him to leave right now, but only because I don't think there's a viable candidate out there who would do better than him.
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Feb 20, 8:54am
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Feb 20, 11:06am

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