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Feb 26, 2012 - 11:41:47am
Dear Carlino:
I hope you really don't read this board. If you do however, please don't confuse criticism with the fact that almost everyone has been pleased with your scoring ability and overall play as a freshman. In fact, criticism only really ocurrs because you have done so many things well as a freshman and we want you to get better.

With that said, my sincere request would be to please learn to be a little more patient on offense. As the starting point guard, when you play at a frenetic pace, your whole team seems to follow your lead. This leads to rushed shots, forced shots, shots by players who shouldn't be taking that specific shot and turnovers. I believe this is a huge reason that BYU's 3 point percentage has gone way down this season. I'm not saying you should run the shot clock down to 5 seconds every possession but simply as a team your focus needs to be to work harder, make the extra pass and find the open guy. Earlier in the year, BYU did this and was having a great deal of success and the assists were piling up.

Bottom line is that every game is very important from here on out. BYU doesn't need to win games by 20 points just by 1 point. So start treating every possession with a greater deal of importance. Be sure to go inside on every possession or even multiple times until you find the right shot. And remember when you miss 3s it gives the other team fast break opportunities so again work harder to find the best shots and if possible get the ball inside where Davies, Austin and Harstock can make things happen.


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