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Jul 10, 2012 - 2:24:44pm
Verizon's share everything plan- ripoff?
So I currently have a family plan for my talk with 500 texts messages and unlimited data on my phone. My wife has basic phone (shares my talk minutes has 500 texts) and no data. We've never ever gone over on our Talk minutes or texts. I use on average about 1 gig of data on my phone. We pay $129 a month for everything (including taxes fees etc, $129 is our final total).

I just got an email from Verizon and to do the Share Everything Plan, it would cost us $140 per month for 2gig of data and $150 a month for 4 gigs of data. The breakdown is $40 access fee per smartphone, $60 per month for 2 gig of data, $70 per month for 4gig. That doesn't even include the taxes and fees they add on so the final bill would probably be in the $170 to $190 range. I just don't see how this is better deal than keeping my old plan and adding a data package to my wife's phone.



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