Nominated Posts for Friday, October 21st, 2016 Author
Cody Hoffman's thoughts 30 YIsForBrigham
So in a year with new coaches, when many thought 8-4 would be best case 13 LaVellIfIKnow
Dumbest posts are the ones where people make arguments like... 10 yapacoug
Back from game 6 cajuncoug
Some thoughts on learning the new offense 6 CFMcK
I don't bash kids half my age who are trying their best and repping my team 6 Carnac el Magnifico
So...we've lost to Utah, UCLA, WVU, and BSU 5 pistol12
Despite the mistakes, this team has heart and never stops fighting. 5 Random Walk
Two games with plus 5 turnovers and lose both. This offense plain stinks. 4 Rudi
People keep saying that Taysom isn't getting enough time to throw... 4 Coug
Ed Lamb said after pulling Almond for Oldroyd in AZ that he doesn't believe in 3 Hoss Bonaventure
Picture of a Boise Player using the blue turf as camouflage 3 workindev
Request for the board: blame the coaches publicly, but keep criticism of 3 unctoothman
Do you guys even remember the Michigan game? The Mizzou game? The SJSU game? 2 flyusaf
I was wondering the same thing. Also, why wasn't BSU penalized? 2 Rooney
Sticking with Hill is bordering on playing 2 mmmmmm
The loss doesn't hurt half as much as watching 2 PortlandCoug
Let's not forget that these guys who we criticize 2 BigTD
Kalani isn't dumb. But he is green. 2 TheDash
The case for moving to Tanner now... 2 Jasbo
Why Ty went away from the no huddle zone read and put Hill back under 2 Lifi
On further review, I'm quite positive still. And here's why: 2 TheDash
So Taysom isn't at fault because the problem is the team but Tanner is fully 2 HuskerCoug
Tanner must have NCMO'd one of Ty's daughters or something. 2 jlangager
Hardcore Boise State fan and classmate on mine just texted me this: 1 Cabadapeste
Taysom and Tanner 1 dwhitebud
That was pretty heads up by that special teams unit. The camera goes back to 1 Super Chicken
Can't believe everyone can't see the obvious, and are dumping on Taysom 1 carcoug
One of the things that pisses me off the most 1 yorksama
This argument has been made a million times. Tanner was a freshman, Taysom is 1 crazY
You guys probably don't want to hear this, but I'm hugely optimistic about the 1 Windward_Coug
That ESPN hail mary replay looked even worse this time. What the heck were 1 OmahaThunderCoug
My report from the game 1 RunningQB
Next Season sneak peak 1 byucougs187
Really surprised a couple of you yokels are down on the coaches. 1 riboflavin
You just can't really say that. Everyone has got to stop using 1 southernfriedcougar
Who would you want as OC? If Detmer decides it's not working and quits after 1 DetmerForever
I love Taysom. But there is literally nothing to be gained by starting him now. 1 sidsie716
I think it's time we considered a change at QB 1 Huge Manatee
Hill D-, Ty-F+, Kalani F-, Refs F------ 1 crm48
I'm looking forward to hearing from all the CBers who say you can't criticize 1 wiffleboy
CB has so many "blindly trust in the leadership" types it makes me want to barf 1 PortlandCoug
I'm really disappointed with Kalanis decisions tonight 1 yfootball
It looked as if we never had a plan B after Jamaal got hurt 1 BigHouse Coug
Is there no demand to show Boom Shakalaka on BYUtv? I'd kind of like to watch 1 Superkid
The negativity on CB is amazing 1 HowardH
Everyone needs to relax and set proper expectations 1 Double Coug
Dude we're all upset with the loss, but step away from the ledge. 1 IronPotato
Basketball anyone? 1 Disco LaFleur
2 different games where the defense forces 5+ turnovers, and we lose them both. 1 yorksama
let's be honest...other games are crap 1 insidebyu
RE: Anyone looked into buying Stock in vid angel? 1 dudemeister
Why keep talking about a struggling kicking game? Almond is 8/9. 1 BYUBandfan
Rookie coaching showed big time tonight 1 BlueFrog
One thing is clear: Jamaal IS the offense. 1 cougarnerd
If only the coaches had done what I think they should, we would have won... 1 SoCalCoug
The difference is this: If he was never going to redshirt and doesn't play a 1 Bert609
They gave us the game. They literally did everything they could to let BYU win. 1 k-ace
Now that the game is over. You were saying? 1 jo0520
Popping a zit on your forehead with a hammer is being aggressive. This was popping a zit with a .44 magnum. Pure crazy 1 foofcoug
Should've won by that much anyway 1 NorthernLight
Don't be so logical , people here can't handle that. 1 Kerbouchard
This is the fake punt from your own endzone of posts 1 uberslacker