Nominated Posts for Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 Author
Got a text from the hubby to call him. So I did & asked, "What do you want me to 13 Wear Blue
Son, you don't ever predict a loss to Utah. Time to turn in your Cougar Card. 10 NOCAL_YFAN
20 years ago today... 5 STLcoug
Closing Tower of Terror at Dland is really stupid. Replacing it with G of Galaxy 4 ToasterChive
BYU needs to fix this. 4 wilsdad
I will give props for good rivalry smack when I see it. 2 Westsider
This is what I've been up to this summer 2 KingDave
<< Deleted >> 2 Sweetness
His legacy will definitely live on in Provo for the next two decades at least 2 carlstud
Your board name is dumb. 2 Abe Froman
Sadly..... I report that ticket sales for BYU football are unimpressive. A few days before the season starts and there 1 HarlemCoug
BYUs personal Eeyore is on 1280 right now. 1 Hoax
Greatest game ever played in the Marriott Center-read this if you haven't!! 1 Wear Blue
Five Guys!! 1 Wingnut
Boney Fuller's tweets are great and all, but I think his articles are gold 1 JoeyJoeJoeJr
No crying involved. If age is such a big advantage for BYU, other schools are 1 spoxjox
I get kind of annoyed when the school asks to donate supplies. 1 PharmD
Lapuaho on progress after practicing fully for 2 days, "Well, coach hasn't yelled at me yet, so I assume everything's going good..." 1 @BrandonCGurney
It wasn't anything that crazy, I don't think 1 KingDave
Jay Drew is breaking the news. Good to see Van Noy and Ansah back on the team. 1 Bubba Gravity
We should ask his brother. 1 SoCalCoug
The Relief Society 1 Indy Coug
Ziggy 1 Crush4
Alex, I'll take obscure polls for 200 1 bald man
Derp. 1 Malathion
Brandon Dart 1 byuTX