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Nominated Posts for Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 Author
Heineken actually has a beer commercial that is worth watching. Great message 4 Cosmodiar
Link: 2 man-at-arms
why do you need a term to describe this? 2 coltonbyu
Just call yourself a tool. 2 yfootball
Some more domino effects of the ESPN bubble popping-- Ed Werder laid off. 1 RdF3
Expensive on air talent that no one cares about is expendable. 1 YIsForBrigham
RE: speaking of puppies 1 Superkid
The new coach is (almost) always "Cool" 1 Gorum the Old
these guys are in a job interview for millions of dollars, they shouldn't be 1 LEHI cougar
That's pretty harsh, Nate. Most of those guys are just kids. 1 shimmy
This is me on one such formal occasion 1 jdub