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Nominated Posts for Saturday, January 21st, 2017 Author
Things sure have changed since I went to the BYU-ND game in 2012. 3 SurreyDad
Any nervousness Bryant gave me at the s start of the year is gone. He's 2 Cougarpolis
Interesting - but not convincing - unless you're in the impatient antiRose crowd 2 Blue streak
I'm predicting another BYU basketball loss tonight. My gut tells me that they 1 Cougs 96-97
Getting to the NFL matters 1 wilsdad
Of guys who played prior to the 2000s, Young, Manning and Warner are the only 1 smokymountainrain
Any and all Harry Potter movies 1 2FarGone
Space Odyssey 2001. Horrible movie. 1 byuluvr
He couldn't even bag TNT's groceries right 1 TNT
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? 1 Jeffacka
Maybe it can be a "no cart" aisle. Only as much as you can carry. 1 KingDave