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3 Months ago today my sweet boy Austen passed away 115 DrTDR
2015 Pump Up Video 17 FuriousMonkey
This is why I love college football.... 7 silentvelcro
You're a horrible human being. 5 RichieRich
Any kids take diaper off or forget to put lid up and go 5 grapevine
Bronco's Support for Howell Doesn't Seem that Hard to Understand 3 rcl17
"Salt Lake Media" / "those on this board" - please stop pretending that the 2 oxcoug
It's game week. Yay. 2 Six Foot Seven
Video: BYU 2015 Pump Up FM 2 [FuriousMonkey]
BYU is Tinder's 2nd most swiped right university. #GoCougs 1 @BYUroc
On the subject of milk. Some info from one of my favorite YouTube channels 1 Slim
Let's get some facts straight! 1 Lionaround
RE: My doctor (not a cb "doctor") told us to drink whole milk, as studies show 1 chago04
Their fries are good. And Smashburger is crap. 1 spugeddy24