Nominated Posts for Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 Author
6'5", 260. I don't go to the games. 13 Vegas Katbacker
Solution to BYU's Ticket Problem 11 Fairways18
What I hope we can adopt as the standard for all BYU fans everywhere 9 cougarmanguy
Why do I drive up from Vegas for every BYU home game? 9 Buton777
CB kind of makes me not want to attend the game at LES. I'm a Cougarclub donor, 9 Byron McNertney
Map of AP Voters by Location and BYU Rank - Week 4 5 Jomo
I have a different perspective of game day experiences at LES then 5 thecthdox
Ouch. Utah people: Go to the home games! No excuse! 4 flyusaf
I got season tickets in a new area this year, and they are crappy, but not how 3 CSoul
Filling LES. I don't get it. 2 laxcoug
Texas had better athletes than us all over the field. They lost because they 2 Mojojojo
NEW FEATURE: Penalties for less than a full day 2 CougarBoard
BYU "fans" aren't happy unless they are complaining 2 byu_coug
It will also mean more bans. 2 crimedog
How is that different than previous years in the WAC/MWC? 2 darkcoug
8'2", 530. Perfectly comfortable at games. 2 CougarBreath
My summary: 1 Faceman
Your claim that Bronco and crew have shown this "time and again" can be disputed 1 oxcoug
Lest you think BYU is the only place struggling w/attendance.Must read RE:Michig 1 Iman23
2 Front row tix west sideline 1 cfootball24
Had an awesome one liner about essential oils today at a business meeting. 1 Josef K
It took me a second, then I nearly spewed water everywhere. 1 whirl
I spend $1350 a year on tickets. Football (5tix, $900) Basketball (5 tix, $450) 1 Grit for Brains
All this whining about seats at LES reminds me of "House Hunters" 1 Ham
Why does Bronco or anyone have any concern about attendance? 1 Preppy
Probably old news but Koroma's penalty has been overturned 1 Byu4life
I transferred to BYU after my self-conversion and have never looked back 1 Cougarpride
Having OU, UT, OKst, Baylor would fill the stadium. No question. 1 Zach Morris
I'm not sure why people insist on viewing fandom as a duty. This is a business 1 DapperDan
TNT is pretty sure with his life experience he would see the field under Bronco 1 TNT
When TNT takes over, hot or not will be a daily contest 1 TNT
So Kwitt, Sitake, and Roderick are all really Y fans? 1 MC Coug Blue
No, ribo corrupts. Power makes boring. 1 Referee