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Nominated Posts for Monday, March 20th, 2017 Author
Agreed. I think he described the situation to a T. Bagging on Porter's dad is simply uncalled for. 17 Thunder Buddy
New TE Commit today - Dallin Holker 13 JDBlue
Welcome Home Elder Seljaas 6 Pacino
The BYU spring game should be added as a countdown at the top of CB 4 CougarVeteran
Am I the only one that finds Seljaas having to come home from his mission sad? 3 Lance71
Interesting experience driving for Uber in Las Vegas the other day. 3 DB Cooper
Chuck Norris has a blood lust which cannot be satiated. 3 eddog
I wouldn't mind exploring an option to dredge the bottom and deepen the lake 3 gmj81
RSL Fires Cassar 2 quikandskinny
Raze the University of Utah and develop it 2 Carnac el Magnifico
CBS: BYU a potential 2017 CFB Cinderella 1 Gustav
It's too bad that Taysom's drop off was so bad that he doesn't even get 1 Duke Silver
Drain Utah lake and develop it 1 jrifkin48
In other news 10 BYUI co-eds were taken to the Idaho Falls emergency room when 1 monkeycowboy
Every spring there is a different attitude. 1 RalphWiggam
Most unlikable NBA players (by position)? 1 ElCapo
It may have to do with the fact that some people on here are fans of BYU's basketball team. Fans often are happy 1 Baron
I'd like to hear Nashty's opinion on this matter. 1 Carnac el Magnifico
ManU to play in SLC this summer. And 4 other cities. 1 BlueFrog
you made me look up the highlights just to make myself feel better, too. 1 hxmCougar2000
FBI Director Comey is a brilliant man, hates the Patriots. 1 chilango
Does Kalani sometimes remind anyone else of a ninja turtle? 1 yfootball
You're doing it wrong 1 NanoFab Coug
I see something different 1 Cougarrr
Believe it or not, the defense has improved since Quincy's arrival FWIW 1 Epileptic Beagle
As we all know, the BYU Hate has nothing to do with the athletics program and 1 CT98
RLTW 1 TheLoneCougar
forever traumatized 1 Deleted
Phrasing! 1 bluecheese
More stars = more elite programs recruiting them. So you want players that none 1 ALUF 1990
I'll put it in one sentence. 1 ditch
Well we haven't offered so he isn't on Utahs radar yet 1 monkeycowboy
Tried to use a restroom there once, but it just got too political. 1 PGVikingDad
Even more than squirrel? 1 Superkid
TNT is once again repulsed by your attitude. Re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-ignored! 1 TNT
By trying to eat it 1 Bob Vance