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Nominated Posts for Friday, April 21st, 2017 Author
Nick Emery 13 kC Cougar
I'd be ok with a CB ban of the Tribune all together. 12 Mister P
Huntsman calls for firing of U president 10 El Pasco
Cougarboard does need to take a look at itself if i'm being honest. 8 buckeyecougarguy
RE: Cougarboard does need to take a look at itself if i'm being honest. 6 Finngirl
This picture gave me chills. 5 allaboutthegainz
spend the money on a great hotel room and worry less about location, then on 3 LEHI cougar
Look people, the reason we have a soccer category is so the rest of us don't 3 SpecialT
Until they call Jordan for illegal screens and shoving on O boards, Jazz have 3 dtownCoug
He'd better watch his step, or the UofU will become anti-LDS 2 Indy Coug
The biggest no-call of the night was Chris Paul hugging Gordon Hayward late in 2 brazilcoug
Why stop there, just shut the whole place down while they're at it. 2 Pistol Shrimp
I think some underestimate the responsibility (i.e. pressure) Emery was under 1 RebelScum
I'm not really sure why people are throwing a love parade for Nick today 1 gurt
UU Leadership Is Horrible 1 Shaka
This, gents and lady or two, is your series summary in one tweet 1 BGRTHNUMEGO
Ute fans will love this 1 BYUCougarsFan
The amount of ignorance found here on CB is astounding. I find it fascinating. 1 SPgoofyft
My friends company made all those shirts for tonight. They say, "Take Note" on 1 Cosmo4life
I agree with a lot of Biff's feelings on CB improvements. I think 3 simple 1 byujacob
Edmund Fitzgerald 1 BlueBlitzkrieg
And after 1 LaVellIfIKnow
I wish I would have bought a whole life policy in my 20's 1 Jersey hunter
Actually literally he did show up. Unless by literally you mean not literally. 1 cbluil
And he is a valuable player, good all around, and would get major minutes at all but very few teams in the nation. 1 roseyscenario
Hot take: Marvel movies aren't good 1 fredetteaboutit13
I stopped watching NBA because of officiating and the Jazz haven't been on TV as much... 1 Coug
Cougs comeback for the W. 1 Zak
Finau... 1 johnnycarson
I'd love to see the looks on their faces when a bunch of baldos from here show up asking for the Hayward harido. 1 foofcoug
Tootsie Rolls 1 IceBlueCoug
I love Cookout! 1 SurreyDad
the Red Sox are extremely hate-able. very easy to hate. trump voters, no doubt. 1 smokymountainrain
Porky's 1 Non-mo Coug
-hulk smash- 1 franklyvulgar