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Post of the Day Today, October 20th
Nominated Posts Author
Our youth in Greenville, NC fed the BYU football team last night 50 pistol12
interesting concept: we join aac and essentially every year the conference 6 johnnycarson
The problem I have based on all I have seen is the perceived lack of planning, 3 LV Mike
pretty awesome video about bullying put out by burger king: 3 nashty
First caffeinated Coke and now this. Awesome! 2 Mathew
I don’t care what the haters say, I like Wingers Wings and Sticky Fingers. 2 BYUtka
watching BYU this season has been like going on a mission and girls in the 2 nashty
Receiving stats of some BYU commits 1 donnerstag
Just another reason why Kershaw is awesome 1 DodgerMike
I come to CB seeking absolution . . . 1 SierraCoug
POLL: What current Dodger other than Kersh is your favorite? 1 oxcoug
TNT likes the Jazz and Gobert has serious skills 1 TNT
What is your favorite American band/artist? 1 sgriff
You would think you as a Yankees fan would be hesitant in saying that seeing as you're the only team to EVER give up a 1 VACOUGFAN
That happened to me once at 5 guys. Only it was takeout, so I didn't know until 1 bluescholar
Best poll ever 1 DodgerMike
AS long as we are dreaming...how about somebody donate $1B to BYU to start a 1 Nat Gas Man
Watching a 0-0 soccer game is the equivalent of watching Cspan 1 billyrust
Astros are done. 1 bushy7
no idea. but that's like wondering if liz hurley just knocked on my door. 1 johnnycarson
Your boardname should be Loser33 1 cougarmeister
Funny how those most outspoken against liberal "safe spaces" are the ones most loudly in favor of it on CB. 1 BYUtiful
For real, has any CB poster ever been so obsessed with a team he doesn't like? 1 oxcoug
You the Man! Eat that DodgerMike! 1 TNT