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If you have a question about changing your username, please see the FAQ. Thanks!

NOTE: Please include a complete description of the ad, including any text or logos that may indicate the ad network used, such as "Ads by Google". If possible, also save a screenshot (instructions), which you can send via email if we need it. We'll try to get it figured out as soon as possible. Thanks!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The fact that you don't like the product an ad is selling doesn't mean it should be reported. Please only report ads that are truly offensive to the CougarBoard audience, or ads that violate our ad policies.

Examples of ads that violate CougarBoard ad policy, and should be reported:
  • Ads that are suggestive or sexual in nature
  • Ads that sell products such as tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Ads that promote gambling in any way
  • Ads that are overly annoying, such as ads with audio, popups, popunders, popovers, expanders, etc.
  • Ads that are deceptive in nature
Examples of ads that should NOT be reported:
  • Ads for U of U apparel are probably targeted at you due to your location, and there's very little I can do to change your location.
  • Ads for a company that you personally don't like
Use of the Report Abuse feature to "prove a point", annoy the mods, or anything else other than to alert the mods to posts that you believe should be deleted will result in a penalty.