In order to help support the day-to-day costs of running, we're asking for people to make donations. To help encourage donations, we provide a few little perks to those who make donations.

Those who donate will receive (among other benefits):
  • Name will appear bolded in message listings
  • Optional custom icon next to name in listings
  • Optional signature that will appear below your messages
  • Access to Live Chat with other donors
  • Ability to change color of message text, and name in listings
  • Post just to your friends
  • Put information on your bio page
  • Mark posts as "Favorites", for later perusal
We only ask that your donation be at least $10.00, otherwise the credit card processing fees cut significantly into the donation. We would of course appreciate larger donations as well if you can afford it, and would like to contribute more to the success of

Before making a donation, you will need to sign up or log in.