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El Jefe's Blog

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POLL: What should we do to support the Fully Invested campai

POLL: How much would you be willing to donate for Fully Inve

Are YOU fully invested?

I need your help getting people to wear blue. If you can help with any of the following, please let me know as soon as possible.

UPDATE: We've settled on "Are YOU fully invested?" as the slogan we would like to pursue using. What we like about it is that it is very unique to BYU, and ties in with the effort put in by the team. As a bonus, it will drive Yewt fans nuts. Read on to the bottom of the post for some ideas of how it can be used.

  • Why should people wear blue? (COMPLETED)

  • Come up with a definitive slogan (COMPLETED)

  • Get contact information for everyone who can help get the students wearing blue - and someone who can make introductions, if possible
    • Student body president (?)
    • BYU marketing (COMPLETED)
    • Bookstore (COMPLETED)
    • UCCU - for Cougar United (COMPLETED)

  • Feel out potential sponsors for t-shirts (one person is working on this)

  • Design some sample t-shirts, with the slogan and generic sponsor

  • Get former and current BYU players and coaches involved

  • As always, please use the "Fan ideas" category for related posts.

    Some examples of how to use "Are YOU fully invested?"
    • A t-shirt with the slogan, and a checklist of things that make a fan "fully invested" (wearing blue, for example)
    • A promotional video showing the investment of the players, and fans

    More ideas needed.

    Last week for BYU-UofA Group Seating.

    After that, you are competing with UofA fans for single game tickets. Deadline for the Alumni Sale is the 5th.

    Here is the link for the information to tickets to the BYU UofA game
    over Labor Day weekend!

    http://alumni.byu.edu/sections/newsandeve nts/events/details.cfm?ID=2118

    Be sure to click on "Register Now Online" on the very bottom of the page to purchase!

    There are a couple of cool things about this. First , there is a large parking structure across from the institute, so showing up early and parking should not be a hassle in any way. Just park the car and cross the street. You can decide to eat at the tailgate, or just buy tickets, whatever you decide.

    Second, my understanding is that we will not be limited in tickets in anyway. If we want, we could have 20K Cougar fans there and UofA fans that buy single game tickets will have to wait until after the first week of August. This means we have an entire month to sell just to BYU fans and we can have as many fans there that are willing to go to the game an support the team! These seats are actually better than the Cougar Club seats. It's just a wierd quirk of how the UofA does their group seating. A good portion of them are between the 20 and the 50, just higher as you get closer to the 50. A number of them are also right next to the Cougar Club section.

    We will always have good attendance at away games -- better than most PAC-10 teams. The real question is, can we have "blow them away" type of attendance figures? The kinds of attendance that makes the BCS honchos take notice. That is up you you, my dear Cougar fans!

    Finally, I expect this is where we will also have the unveiling of our Bronze Cougar Project, you will definatley want to check that out! It's going to be a great way to kick-off the season! Go Cougs!
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