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Best of 2019

Top 10 POTD Votes
For those of you that haven't seen yet, Elder Holland released on his facebook 210 DrTDR
I Wanted To Play Football For BYU 150 UberDeek
Farewell 130 tisdaplace
The best source of all 118 donnerstag
Ty’Son Williams our Newest Cougar!!!! 97 MagicHappen$
Devon Blackmon is the GOAT 89 LaVellIfIKnow
An important piece of the revenue puzzle that was left out of yesterday's 77 BYUMizzou
I don't think all the WCC bashing is a good look for us. When we joined their 71 gwalker
Let's just remember this today 67 kccougar
For the faint-hearted BYU football fan - just a couple thoughts... 66 DraperCoug22
Top 10 Thumbs Up
Check out my article on Taysom Hil in LDS Living magazine 179 Ashtrash
I Wanted To Play Football For BYU 172 UberDeek
For those of you that haven't seen yet, Elder Holland released on his facebook 171 DrTDR
Squally with the sheepskin 160 Indy Coug
Very cool picture of Squally Canada 151 donnerstag
Let's just remember this today 145 kccougar
I wanted to post this to the entire board because I’m so pumped about it... 140 CoachSpeak
I wanted to share a milestone with y'all. Its a little bit of a facebookish post. Hopefully it will help motivate 138 monkeycowboy
Total facebook post (because i pretty much just ripped it from my facebook) 130 monkeycowboy
Good for Zac Stout 124 LaVellIfIKnow
Top 10 Thumbs Down
I'm tired of all the vaccine jabs at those who choose a different schedule or 123 digblue
I think the owners of this website should re-brand and expand 82 Medute
Good for him. Shut up and play football. 74 Indy Coug
Wow....good for Utah 71 scottm
Christmas vacation is overrated... 70 TripleB
Many of you crapping all over Imagine Dragons performance last night are from an era where Nirvana and Pearl Jam were 59 monkeycowboy
It’s unfortunate how much better the Canadian national anthem is than 51 messi
Go Zags!!! 50 brazilcoug
LOL at the Rose defenders over the years 47 PortlandCoug
Good oatmeal raisin cookies are better than almost all chocolate chip cookies 44 CDV
Top 10 Laughs
Interesting tidbit... 204 yorksama
Devon Blackmon is the GOAT 174 LaVellIfIKnow
Ha 148 Hypnotoad
Did Utah Football really just buy themselves rings after a 5 loss season in which they finished unranked in both polls? 147 mulletino
I am sorry 145 Richw
My kids have started removing one letter of bad words, 114 hxmCougar2000
Did you see him donate? Or perhaps he was there to consume it 112 CBaass
Let's put it this way: At the end of the game, as the team looked back onto the 112 byubyu
Already shared? Just keep em coming Utes. 110 BYUHawk
I'm up in Wisconsin right now and I'm absolutely amazed at how many Big 10 stickers I see on cars. 104 Ragnar Danneskjold
Top 10 Sad Faces
Farewell 230 tisdaplace
My sister in the hospital hasn’t woken up for 48 hours now. 148 dchandle15
Rough night tonight. My 10 yo daughter had a concussion in January. It has taken 112 blackandblue
<< Deleted >> 86 cougarmeister
Langi Tuifua officially retires from football. Sad 80 YIsForBrigham
I'm having a hard time right now, can't wrap my head around it. A couple of my 77 jaredm
The younger brother of one of my daughter's friends committed suicide tonight 74 kccougar
Just got word this morning that my job is going away. 73 Born2Fish
Childs is gone 67 TempeCoug
When women fall in love with you 63 Twin Roots
Top 10 Views
Florida Man Charged in Connection to August 12th Beating Extradited 47,925 thaws
Lifting weights is overrated. The folks who stormed Omaha beach didn’t even 21,710 DrKennethNoisewater
Interesting tidbit... 13,775 yorksama
"Predictably, Florida Man Blows Off Part of His Hand in July 4th Fireworks 11,066 socorny
Congrats to Tanner Mangum on having Gordon Monson as his future FIL! 10,145 fredetteaboutit13
Max Hall is massive 9,900 the_byu_flash
I heard from a friend that Francis Bernard’s career may be over 9,852 Alsippi89
Tyson Williams 9,465 jr0b44
For those of you that haven't seen yet, Elder Holland released on his facebook 9,447 DrTDR
Mark it down—Amir Rasul, RB from Florida State will be transferring to BYU... 9,189 Alister Mackenzie