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Personal space


"I don't mind calling him (Obama) an idiot as much as I mind the condescending nicknames."

-El Jefe

"...consequences have actions?"


"Bernard is an *yewt."


"I am officially a braves fan"


"the tanker filling up the large tank causes all the sentiments from the bottom of the large tank to get mixed around, and "dirty up the fuel"


"My wife bought an 8 foot blowup doll"

-John Haddow

"I usually don't talk much to the people I go with, because I approach games like film sessions and am constantly analyzing the X's & O's."

-79walkonKUGR aka kugr maniac

"Article: A look back: Jimmer finds way to BYU with a big ass"

-Cougar Update

"If she was really trying to trap you, the sad truth is that she probably already suspects you of some sort of porn problem or she wouldn't be trying to figure out whether or not you have one."
(In response to Chago04 telling his girlfriend he'd love to watch a Victoria Secret modeling show with her)


"$600+$40/game = a lot of mullah."


"Heaps looked really good, as advertised. He had some really nice balls."


"Yeah Eugenics rocks"


"Utah's stadium is consistently full. Hundreds of thousands of people were left out in the cold this week unable to purchase season tickets when they went on sale."

-Max Power

"Heaps seems to find the open guy with out even trying, it's like he just aromatically knows where to go..."


"I put on this anti-chafing thing every time in the groin area and nipples. It has never failed me. The one I get is in the same package as deodorant."


"I got this [turquoise] belt buckle about five years ago for $20 off eBay. Beleive it or not I was the only bidder. I've worn it more often than not since then."


"If you went on a deer hunt with me you would learn how a winner thinks, acts and how to be a MAN. Trust me, I've got more hardware hanging up in my garage than BYU has in its trophy case. Let's put it this way, we have 4 freezers in our basement."


""Pulled a 360"? Are you Karl Malone?" (In reference to Urban Meyer doing a....well....360.)


"What does yards per attempt mean? Isn't that unknowable? Isn't it yards per completion? Or is it just total attempts divided by total yards?"


"I've spent quite a bit of time trolling around..."


"Best case scenario - BYU vs OU OU 56, BYU 21"

-BYU Fan

"It makes me so angry when I talk about this."


"Do you really think it's possible to go from having those tickets available one day...to be sold out in just the next?"

-kugr maniac

"When writing the letter "O", do you go clockwise or anti-clockwise?"


"Marriage involves a man and a woman covenanting to support each other and have sex. Anything else can be called marriage but that doesn't mean it isn't mashed potatos."


"If you're old enough to sport cleavage I'm not too old to appreciate what you're advertising."

-Indy Coug

"Everyone I have met both male & female on the dating sites have the common mantra: 'there's GOT to be a better way...'"

-kugr maniac

"Whatever RockyBalboa isn't, that's me"




"I'm a huge idiot who doesn't know how to use the internet."


"very sad. Terrible disease." (in reference to a skiing accident)


"Meh.....I'm all man. Even if I watch the Bachelor."


"I'm not judging the kid, I'm just thinking that the probability he will screw up again is pretty likely."


"I got it only after I spent the last 20 minutes watching KSL wondering if it was the half time show."


"I'm tired of having to hear of my MIL's bowel movements and sudden gas problems. I'm tired of having to hear of her pubic hair that she says would make big foot jealous."


"I'm not opposed to the stupids getting their free money, as long as I can get some too or those stupids that are getting the free money to repair their financial issues go to jail for causing the mess. Either one I'm completely happy with."


"You might want to avoid the pissing match concerning IQs that is a battle you and most other division 1a schools will loose with us."


"Statman's wife is very rational. tomorrow is our 21st anniversary. We've agreed to....buy a new HDTV for our bedroom."


"Yours was not a rick-roll penalty and you know it."


"its harder to get out of the valley after stadium of fire, because all the freeloaders that sit outside the stadium and watch the fireworks for free."


"Yes, I'm a nerd."


"The fact that you qualify best with "non-chain" when discussing pizza makes me immediately discount your opinion on the subject."


"Settebello's pizza for lunch...ALMOST NY Pizza. In fact, I'll give in and give it NY Pizza status - thin, high-gluten (chewy) crust, cooked in a very hot wood-fired oven, slightly burned/crispy bottom."


"Do you realize they have no interest in recreating a NY style pizza? They are mimicing Italian to the best of their abilities."


"Settebellos is nowhere close to NY style. The fact that Statman compares the two makes me immediately discount his opinion on the subject."


"30 years ago today (it was a Friday), I was riding home on a bus from our 6th grade class trip to Boston, listening to a Yankee game on my transistor radio, when I heard about the Priesthood announcement..."


"June 8, 1978 was a Thursday. Also, there was no Yankees game on June 8, 1978. http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/NYY/1978_sched.shtml"


"So, let's all give Statman the benefit of the doubt here and believe his claim to have been living back East and on a school trip to Boston at the time.....given the Pacific Standard starting times of the games in question, either his elementary school was roadtripping at midnight or Stat is making the whole thing up."


"Nephi is a nice place."


"Im really really excited. And if anyone knows anything about me on this board its that I dont fall for hype."




"the fluid resevoir was empty because the clutchplate has been worn down to nothing. You need a new clutch..."
(statman diagnosing a problem related to clutch fluid levels)


"I've never had a car that had one (that I knew of) but I guess there could be such a thing."
(statman indicating he's never heard of clutch fluid)


"They protest EVERYTHING. They are a colt."


"I am sick an tired of getting all this crap for you self riotous people out there!"

-Bleeding Blue

"Bernard doesn't really suck. He's actually a pretty cool guy."


"i would lease... much better investment. Or rather at least not as bad of an investment as purchasing."


"Encourage dialogue, convince me of your argument with facts, convince me with pure debatable issues, but leave the laxative comments out."


"But what they don't want to admit is that Bronco and Anae and Jeff Reynolds have the final say and make the decisions, not Doman. Whatever Doman did or or didn't see in Bower, the other three must have felt the same way."


"Thats a couple of highly uniformed people including the writer of the article."


"now i am not saying he isn't quilty, but i never heard anything about him making a deal or been found quilty."


"When we line up in the eye, even though teams know it's coming we rush more successfully."


"I don't have any interest in Boardmailing Social."


"The stupid guy was running his tile saw down the street until midnight last night."


"Holmoe's attitude needs to do a complete 360"

-Twin Roots

"It feels good to have the opportunity," Smith said. "But I do feel bad about Mitch, and it's a bummer about his groin."

-Brian Smith - 13Sep2007

"BTW - his name is OrEl, not OrAl...


"It's important to me, plus I'm blessed with a lot of talent. I'm better than any other guy that's gone on a mission."

-Ben Olson

"I keep seeing people refer to his now infamous comments as if to suggest that Ben Olson claimed to already be the best QB of anyone who has ever served a mission....That is not at all what he said."


"I firmly believe that animals are not people, and it's not the same when they die, but it is sad."

-Black Diamond Bay

"Their whole argument is that the church is privately owned and all the other symbols are municipal or pubic"


"that makes some of the complaints I've heard ring hallow."


"I am a High Priest for starters."


"I think they were cited for disturbing the piece."


"I really don't like your tone right now"


"Proper. I wnet to school, then I went to work."

-Delta Cougar

"i just have an innate sense of right and wrong"


"I'm a big, hairy, burly man."

-Black Diamond Bay

"I'm coming back to BYU"

--Ben Olson, Oct. 29, 2002

"My only issue with CB was his retarted cocky comments."


"Thompson is a well-documeneted idiot."


"BYU is the 10 pound gorrilla in the conference."


"The NFL has at least tried to curve it with their testing."


"You sound like a liberal, where there are no consequences for improper action."


I think your 100% correct


rookie camp....mini camp......you're dickering over semantics, dude. Are you by any chance a lawyer or something?

-kugr maniac

I just smiled when I beat the "top dog" two years in a row...


He did express a concern about my request and said the only way to keep this under the radar with them is to keep having people call in.

-Brother love