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Feb 11, 2013
All this co-OC stuff reminds me of this:
Michael: [Jo Bennett enters with two humongous dogs, everyone stands to welcome her except Dwight] Why hello!
Gabe: This is Michael Scott, co-regional manager of this branch.
Michael: Pleasure to meet you, Miss Bennett.
Jo: Oh, that's Mrs. Bennett, sweetheart. My husband and I are divorced, but I kept the "Mrs." just to piss off the new wife. Well, let's take a gander around this place.
Andy: [Jo's dogs are sniffing at his crotch] These sure are pretty dogs...
Jo: They love a good crotch.
Andy: They sure do.
Jo: You should take that as a compliment!
Andy: Oh, I do!
Jo: [to Dwight] Hello.
Dwight: Hello.
Jo: Do you always stay seated when a lady enters the room?
Dwight: I am treating you the same as a man, for whom I would also not stand. Unless it was the President. Or Judge Judy.
Jo: I like that.
Gabe: This is Accounting.
Kevin: Hi!
Jo: Good-looking group.
Gabe: Over here is Meredith Palmer and Creed Bratton.
Jo: Another couple of heartbreakers. Who is this tall drink of sun tea?
Gabe: That is Jim Halpert, he is the co-regional manager of this office.
Jo: [gesturing to Michael] I thought this guy was the manager?
Gabe: Oh, he is. He's the co-manager, and that's the other co-manager.
Jo: Two guys doing one job? We gotta do something about that!


Michael: Jo, I don't know how things work in Florida, which from your description sounds like a colorful, lawless swamp, but here it takes two men to do one job, where in Florida it might take one very strong woman to do such a job.
Jim: Whoa, whoa.
Michael: Whoa, whoa!
Jim: I'll take over. Um, what we're doing here: Michael handles more of the "big-picture" stuff, and I handle more of the day-to-day stuff, so together...
Jo: Yeah. I think I understand.
Jim: Alright.
Jo: Each of you is doing half a job.
Jim: No.
Michael: And sometimes I can hardly handle that!
Jo: This is knucklehead talk. I'm not gonna bite it, you know. You can't give me gravy and tell me it's jelly, because gravy ain't sweet! Is it, Jim?
Jim: I don't think so.
Jo: Michael?
Michael: Forget the question...
Jo: I think one of you should return to sales, and the other one be manager.
Michael: I humbly accept the management position.
Jim: I... Why would you just say something like that?
Michael: Because, well, Jim. Where I'm from, two types of folk: those who ain't, and those who are knee-high on a grasshopper. Which type ain't you ain't? Ya'll come back now.
Jim: Do you even know what that means?
Michael: Yes.
Jo: Well, I'm gonna let this marinate. So you can go.



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