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Feb 11, 2013
Pros and cons of being a BYU fan? Here's my list and the status of my fandom.
I've become much more even-keeled when it comes to BYU sports in the past few years - not too high or too low in terms of my expectations. I never expect an undefeated football season, although I would most definitely enjoy one. However, I am a passionate fan. I've attended every BYU football home game since returning from my mission in '98. I make it to as many bball games as possible, but there are just too many to attend them all (I catch the rest on the DVR after the kids go to bed). I love BYU sports and always will.

We have a lot to be proud of (Pros):

1) Bronco. He's definitely unique and the media spends a lot of time running w/ that, but have you ever talked to a former player? They'd run through a wall for him.

2) Coach Rose. It's a bad time to bring him up around here after back to back losses, but the guy win's 20+ every year. When has BYU ever had that? I know it's hard to keep things in perspective, but this is the best stretch of BYU basketball ever (except for Henry Rose who was undefeated in his career at a fantastic 8-0 in 1910-1911). No other coach is really close.

3) Our AD is a stud. Does anyone, besides Mr Hill, not like Holmoe?

4) As a whole, we have a very friendly fan base (even if they all don't understand the rules or know when to cheer or when to wear blue) and often get compliments from opposing fans (outside of classy institutions like SDSU, UNLV and Utah - I joke...kind of ).

5) For the most part, kids that come out of our programs do something with their lives. This is a big one to me. I have no interest in selling out and becoming a Miami, SEC program (I grew up in SEC land and the recruiting stories are true), etc (sorry, but the honor code isn't going away).

6) The Firesides are mocked here, but have you ever attended one of those before a game? You won't forget it.

7) BYUtv. Yes, they need to provide a higher quality feed, but I know fans outside Utah love the access. I live in Utah and I love it as well.
*Make sure to check out the media building. The place is amazing.

8) Something different. I have no interest in following a team that's a just like the rest of them. I know some of you want to win at all cost, but I prefer to have a program to be proud of, not just a W-L record, although I want that too. Just my opinion.

9) Winning history, at least in football.

Downsides of being a BYU fan (Cons):
1) BYU doesn't spend much time w/ the local media (outside of KSL) and they get shredded for it. I do enjoy Alema's new BYU radio show, but it's a homers only show (I listen to a lot of sports talk so I hope this show makes it). Funny thing is most national media has very positive things to say about our program, coaches, and even the honor code in most cases. Local media will always have negative things about BYU b/c it gets more attention for a market without many big teams to follow. Attention=money. That simple.

2) Utah deserves credit for their 2 BCS seasons, but it was the worst thing that could possibly happen to Cougar fans. Why are BYU fans so desperate for an undefeated season? Simple. Jealously. Utah had it, now we want it. This wasn't a common complaint before Utah's two amazing seasons. BYU fans will never let it go and it's turning us into little brother. Sad to see CBs front page covered in Ute topics.

3) Bandwagon fans (every fan base has 'em, but I'm especially annoyed by ours).

I'd love to be in the Big12 or have a BCS season, but I'll remain a fan even if that doesn't happen. We have a program to be proud of.
What would you add to the pros and cons?

It's good to be a Cougar fan.
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