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Feb 12, 2013
My BYU & collegiate sports "fandom" has taken a mighty blow
mostly because of the "BCS" and how collegiate sports is run.

BYU always being on the "outside looking in" is tiresome. It's like it was when you're a kid, and you're playing tackle football in your backyard and the other neighborkids have better helmets and equipment, and therefore, the game is stacked against you from the beginning. There is not an even slate to even play the game...and eventually, you just don't want to play anymore.

That is where I'm at now. I used to be so into BYU sports (30 years), college football, etc. Now...it's professional sports. The game is stacked against us (BYU) from the start...how long do you swim against the current before you give up. Is it worth it? Does BYU continue to hold fast to their values (yes they always will) and continue to get "punished" until they slip further and further down the ladder rung until they are FCS? Until they are in the Big Sky? At what point do you say "it's not worth it"?

Basketball reached it's zenith for me with BYU basketball and Jimmer receiving NPOY...and playing hard fought, classic tilts against SDSU, the Lobos, UNLV, Utah. Great basketball games, teams and rivalries. Now...we lose to West Coast Conference teams, play in gyms that seat as many people as BYU students seated for their American Heritage class.
All because of the BCS (football). We sacrificed everything for football. And still...football is stacked against us, and we may ALWAYS be on the outside looking in because of BYU's uniqueness.

I can't get excited about playing San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, etc. Just not doing it for me. And then...losing to them ....at the Marriott Center. I think our bball program is going to suffer by being in the WCC long term.

I'm almost to the point of non-caring. It is what it is....I'll keep an eye out for BYU making the headlines...but, because we are fighting an uphill battle in athletics....I just can't be "invested" anymore. Sure as an independent...we will schedule the big boys and get some decent schedules now and again...but in the immediate future and going forward...if we don't win more than we lose, we're going to be dropped by ESPN at the end of our initial contract....and then, it's BYUtv all the way, and obscurity will follow. I love BYUtv by the way...but no one outside of BYU alums will be tuning in.

Makes me sad. Help thou mine unbelief.
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2/12/13 4:57pm

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