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Aug 5, 2013
Just finished watching this Megaladon show on Discovery
Wow. That was ridiculous. I can't believe how far Discovery has fallen to air this crap. Let's examine some of their 'evidence.'
*A group of people is out fishing, their boat is attacked and they all presumably die. Um... who are they? No names, no nothing, just the video of them having their boat sunk? Right.
*A recently surfaced German U-boat photo with a giant shark in the back ground? Totally doesn't look photoshopped. Also, if it's climate change, global warming, recent tsunamis, etc that is driving the shark from the depths, why was the shark hanging out with the Nazis 70 years ago?
*A lady in a life guard tower high on a hill side takes a picture of a shark attacking a whale. But there's no disruption to the water behind the sharks fin. Also, how did she pull a low angle, close up shot from 500 feet above sea level? Pretty sweet camera.
*Dead whale on a beach. This happened in Hawaii. It's not like it happened somewhere remote where only a couple people witnessed it. They say scientists did evaluate it and determined the whales tail came off in a single bite. This didn't set off any alarms until now because.....
*The shark at the end dove quickly to a depth of 6,500 feet. Because that's not exactly what it would look like if the lady had just shot the thing off into nothing and it sank to the bottom.
*The video they show of the lady 'tagging' the shark is absolutely the best evidence they have. Except that it looks exactly like all the other CGI sharks in the show. Interesting.
*They spend 1:50 leading up to this encounter with this giant shark, and then spend 3 minutes talking about the attack. No analyses afterwards, nothing. It just ends. Awesome.

Overall, it was entertaining. But it is pretty sad to see this come from Discovery, and not the National Enquirer or something. Pretty sad. Oh and something else that really irked me, they're making this giant chum slick, and talking about how they have these two guns to shoot the chum because nobody could do it by hand. And then they show these two guys loading the chum guns... by hand.



Originally posted on Aug 5, 2013 at 12:03:09am
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