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Sep 19, 2013
Wasn't a Birthday Card.
When I was in Scotland on my mission all the letters were sent to the Mission Office and then forwarded to the Missionaries.

A few days before my Birthday I was moved to a new area along with the the new DL for the other area. He couldn't believe that I didn't get any mail for my Birthday, I told him the Mission Office waits a few days before mailing out the letters to make sure the letters don't get sent to the wrong apartment and not to be surprised next month when he didn't get any letters or birthday cards before his birthday a few days after the next transfers.

For the next month everyday he didn't get a Birthday Card I would tell him that he wouldn't get anything until after his Birthday. He would insist that he would get a card.

The day of his birthday He did get what looked like a birthday card. He shoved it in my face shouting, "Ha, Elder JayOwen, Ha."

Upon opening the card he saw a wedding invitation from his girl friend. I started to laugh, and still feel a bit sorry about that, but it was funny. We then had a picture burning party where he burned every photo of the GF he brought with him.
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