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Dec 27, 2015
fattycoug All-American
A fund for Justinodhan's fam has been set up for those that asked. I still don't
Know a lot of details about the actual needs of the family. I don't know if he had life insurance or if his family will have access to it since he took his own life. I'm sure some support financially for his wife and 3 kids could be beneficial even if he did have insurance. I don't think his wife worked outside of the home.

Justin was a great man that apparently was hiding a dark secret. He was nice to everyone. He once tried to go through his friends list on FB and write something that he liked about each and every person. When he couldn't get through it in a decent amount of time (he got to the Es), he spent a whole day saying nice things about people that liked his post about it. They were all genuine and specific to the person.

I'm so sad he took his own life. I'm a bit mad at him. He could have reached out and people would have supported him. I do understand the difficulty of reaching out to people. Especially when you are a person that is supposed to be helping others (he was a therapist).

If you can give, great. If you can't or don't feel it, I understand.
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