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Jan 16, 2017
Ashtrash Token Female
Richie was one of my favorite people ever.
He was so genuine, honest, and incredibly funny. He was just a great guy - he would do anything for you. I have been so sad since I heard the news and get teary every time I think of him.

Richie loved being a dad. This man loved his son with his whole heart. He was SO proud of him. Richie would often text me pics or videos of his son, beaming with pride at what a great little boy he was becoming. He would do anything for that kid!

Richie constantly made me smile with his texts, emails, and cougarboard musings.

He was tough and strong and rarely complained about hard things he was going through with his health. He made the most of difficult situations - often the only reason I'd even know he was in the hospital again was from some slightly suggestive joke he'd make in passing about trying to get a sponge bath from a nurse or two. Through it all, he made everyone around him smile with his fun nature.

(Speaking of sponge baths...)

Richie had this uncanny ability to inappropriately proposition me at every opportunity and still, somehow, remain charming and endearing in the process!!

This was a talent of his - he knew he could get to me and he milked it immensely. Rich loved teasing me and he loved trying to get a reaction out of me. He often got it!

And yet he somehow turned that teasing and flirtationship into a genuine friendship, where I always knew I could count on him and one where, despite his love of making me blush, he always treated me with kindness and respect.

He went from being a "fake internet friend" to someone whose friendship meant very much to me. We had plans again to meet up in a few months and I am so incredibly sad I won't have a chance to see my friend.

Cougarboard won't be the same without you, Richie. I won't be the same.
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