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Apr 20, 2017
UU grad, had no interest in attending BYU yet my life REVOLVES around Y football
always has. There's nothing, NOTHING, that i enjoy more than sitting in the south endzone of LES with my dad/watching byu football road games with him on tv. I never wanted to be a student at BYU, graduated from the U and more than once camped out for student tickets vs byu (2006 one of them). A year or so ago i posted about why im a byu fan though not morman, that i had to watch the 2010 rivalry game blocked FG while sitting in a jail cell & nearly getting my BLEEP kicked for exuberantly cheering for BYU. Also got criticism from that post which caused me to change my CB user name to reference my religious status but thats a whole other story.

As a FELLOW byu fan who happens to not be LDS i am a crazy passionate diehard because many of my best experiences growing up were attending games with my dad (Miami, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Penn State) having season tix since 60s and odd story but before i was born my dad and brothers hated byu, had too many bad experiences with UU season tix so switched, & during first year with season tix at BYU rooted AGAINST byu!! My dad just wanted his kids to enjoy football even if he didn't support the team and it only took a couple years for he and the fam to be obsessed with BYU football.

Im probably the minority on this one but when im reminded of all the mistakes ive made seemingly a dozen times every day, year after year; yet from kickoff to the final play of a BYU football game my mind doesn't race/worry/fill with regret and gives me a rare chance to just be in the moment and appreciate the limited time left to share a passion with my dad. I once got fired years ago for refusing to cancel plans for a MWC game because someone called in sick, broke up with a gf because she gave me an ultimatum to cancel my Notre Dame trip for her friends wedding, among other instances where byu football took priority. I am and will forever be a BYU fan because i love watching them, a loss ruins my life for a month, and what others think about my values/actions/beliefs or anything else because im rocking a BYU shirt is the last thing i need to worry about
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