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Apr 20, 2017
El Jefe Get off my lawn!
Email sent to the editors of the SL Tribune:

Very little that was reported in this column is true.

On the evening of April 11th, CougarBoard user "[redacted]" made a post praising the Tribune's Pulitzer-winning piece. Early the next morning, I was searching back posts about the topic to see if any had been miscategorized, and saw this post. I recategorized it. The moderation system noted that he is not allowed to post in religion-related topics, and as the Honor Code/Title IX category is deemed a subcategory of the Religious/Moral Discussion category, the system automatically gave him a 1-day penalty for it. If he felt the penalty was unwarranted, he could have appealed it, but he did not.

Please note that no emails were ever sent to [redacted]'s email address. I'm not sure where Mr. Rolly got that information, but it's not true.

The article states that his post was "deleted", which is false. It was merely recategorized to the proper category. The post is still there to this day, and all who view it can see that it was recategorized on the morning of April 12th. It is in a "restricted category", which means that only people who are current or former subscribers have access to the category. This excludes those who have been banned from that category, of course.

The article further states that his lifetime ban from the category is because, "He once sent a post there criticizing the Honor Code office for the way it treats rape victims."

This is completely false. His ban was because of his religious posts (nothing to do with the Honor Code office), which included mocking of LDS temple ordinances, links to anti-Mormon websites, etc. The post deleted immediately before his ban (in November 2013) was mocking the Church about requirements of temple construction projects -- I see no way you could possible construe that as as being about the BYU rape scandal.

In fact, I've been unable to find a previous post by him about the rape scandal that was deleted. The only moderation related to "rape" was a warning given in December 2015 for saying, "I am absolutely raping Ute fans on Stubhub right now. This is AWESOME!!!"

Please retract this story, or at least get the facts right.



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El Jefe Get off my lawn!
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