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Jul 17, 2017
Epileptic Beagle All-American
I'm a little confused. Do you really think that everything that comes out of
the PR machine directly into the press is gospel? If so, I have some beautiful beachfront property in AZ that we need to talk about immediately. I have heard several times from different sources that there was more to the story than the law school mixup. Do you really think for a second that if BYU had a player they felt was an integral part of their future that they wouldn't find a way to allow him to do law school and basketball? Because if you believe that, I really think we need to have that meeting regarding the property I'm trying to sell you in New Mexico. The beach/waves are second to none.

I appreciate that they spun a story that allowed both parties to save face. Chatman is a good kid, and I think we really could have used him this last year. I'm especially sad that it sounds like bridges may have been burned with such a great BYU family. But even though it sounds like there are some frustrations, I certainly appreciate the fact that they have been professionals, and have refrained from airing out any dirty laundry in the public eye. That's probably not easy. But just because they haven't contradicted the original story doesn't mean that story is 100% true. If you know the Chatman family or coach Rose personally and want to tell me I'm wrong, I'm all ears, and I'll happily stand corrected. But if your only evidence for this strange passionate opinion is simply the BYU release, then I really think you need to start talking with your bank about that ocean villa in North Dakota I was telling you about. It's magical.



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7/17/17 5:58am

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