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Oct 11, 2017
DirtyWater All-American
My 10 year old got a concussion playing football.
He was tackling the ball carrier sweeping around the end. My son grabbed his jersey and the RB straight-armed him in the facemask, turning his helmet slightly. The two of them fell down together side by side (nobody on top of anybody). I was watching the play and later got a copy of the film. Still to this day I cannot believe he got a concussion from that play. The helmet was slightly askew when they fell down but these were little kids not moving very fast and falling sideways onto grass.

He came to the bench and sat for awhile. Then he went back out for the second half and was running around aimlessly, unable to figure out what he was supposed to do so he came out. This was unusual for the little ball-hawk. We let him try to play in his basketball game later that day but, again, he just didn't feel right and we realized he might have a real problem.

The concussion kept him out of school and even church for six months. Music or well-lit rooms rendered him unable to cope. He couldn't do his schoolwork. You can see a marked difference in the work he produced. Finally, he got back to normal. But no football anymore. He is crushed because that was his favorite sport. We're taking a wait-and-see approach to HS football for him. A second concussion would be the end for sure. I'm not sure if I want to let him take that chance again after one.

We have close friends whose daughter at about the same age fell playing basketball. She hit her head on the floor and got a concussion. She spent the next three or four years sitting in a dark bedroom unable to go out for anything. Her personality was changed. She missed junior high school. She's still dealing with long-term issues.

So, you can get concussions anywhere. They are a big problem -- bigger than I ever realized before. But football is a huge risk. It makes me sad but not as sad as my son who may never be allowed to play again.



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