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Nov 14, 2017
v1k0u6 All-American
I still remember the day Janurary 11th, 2011.
i and a bunch of my friends had made the trek to the University of Yewtah to see teh Jimmer take on the yewts.

On that day, the Cougars bested the Yewts on the court, but also off. As the half wound down. Jimmyer already had 29 points. with second left the Huntsman center, location of the legendary Magic-Bird game from the 70's, saw greatness once again.

Even the heretical Yewt fans had, for a moment been converted by Jimmersion. The cheer repeated "Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer"

and the "greatest half of basketball by a BYU player ever" came to a close with this

Watch this video on YouTube

pandemonium. The pope became a cougar for a day, for the Mighty Jimmer had entered the den of iniquity and cleansed it with his power. He cast out the ALUFs, and made the Huntsman Center a house for Brigham Young.

Jimmer Ended that day with 47 points. I would like to think that just a little bit of the magic of that day stays with me. And if you give me your tickets, i will bring the magic back to provo. Perhaps, we shall once again vanquish the foe and after the time has expired as the gladiators meet to shake hands, Coach K will look at one of our players with a catch in his voice and say, as King Agrippa of old, "Almost, thou persuadest me to be a cougar"



He was a man who collected Thumbs downs like most men collect paychecks



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