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Dec 7, 2017
jpal1397 All-American
I made a post that came across as offensive and for that I apologize!
My passion for BYU sports sometimes gets the best of me. It did two nights ago with a reply on Twitter along with a similar comment I made on this board (got me a day in CB jail). My unfamiliarity with a few nuances on Twitter (iPhone) created a situation where I replied to a tweet from a recruit who was accidentally copied on the reply. That was not done intentionally. No, I am not “usually” that stupid. 😳

I have analyzed thousands of recruiting videos (25 yr hobby). Doesn’t make me an expert. But easy to spot talent.

I apologized to the recruit in question and wished him all the best. I also told him I hoped he proves me wrong. I meant it.

I laughed at some of the accusers of my ignorance. Especially the wheel of fortune meme! 😂 Some comments were spot on and others were a little over the top. But that’s OK with me. These are social media sites where people express their opinions. FYI... I deleted my tweet and my post on CB got scrubbed by the mods.

I could have handled things differently and would if I could do it over again. That ship sailed unfortunately!

I am the UPNR/UBC guy as some noted. I love all of my former players. KC played with us. Love that kid. He knows that as his shot goes so goes his career (NBA potential)! Over 120 scholarships given to our players in the 12 years I was involved. Many from BYU.

If anyone has ever ran an AAU program you would know no one (w/few exceptions) does it for themselves. It is all about the kids. Very time consuming and expensive! The reward comes from watching these kids succeed.

Just wanted to clarify any misconceptions. #coug4life
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