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Jan 12, 2018
byu1 All-American
My brother is an orthodontist and recent quit a job working for a generaldentist
Who owned the clinic. My brother worked there 2 days a week and increased the ortho revenue over the last ortho by 80%.

Then the typical thing happens where the wife of the general, no college education, wants to start running the clinic and throwing her wt around. Part of that is going through all the financial stuff and cleaning it up. As part of that she realizes that my brother, being the evaluating and treating ortho is doing the billing for all his services and services related to his treatment plan (and are well within his scope of practice and following the contract that was written with the general). Things like X-rays, etc. now, if you are trying to make more money would could say, “hey, my husband is a dentist and has that right to order X-rays and then from there refer him to ortho but also be able to bill the X-rays and then hand over the X-rays for the ortho to read and design a treatment plan”. Neither way is right or wrong, but what is wrong is going against how the original contract was written up, which is exactly what she started throwing a fit about. This is one of a few examples.

Finally the inevitable happens. She continues to want more and more power, and even though my brother (who honestly is one of the most ethical and giving person I know) was following the contract to a T and he knows it, she starts to act like he is being selfish and unethical and because they have had dentists in the last steal money from them, they were now going to look at everything much more closely and take over some of these items (even though that is not how the contract was written).

A week later the general calls my brother in and they have a talk and he explains that he is going to cut the commission from 40% to 30%. He then goes on to explain that “10% shouldn’t make that big of a difference”. (Now think about that wording for just a second, “10%”? 🤔). My brother had to explain to his “boss” who is a business man and the business owner that just because the difference of 40 to 30% is 10% that to my brothers pay it is actually a 25% decrease. My brother had to explain it over and over and he still isn’t sure that the guy understood it.

Needless to say, my brother said, “you know what, I was planning on giving my notice anyway due to what has been going on lately and you losing trust in something that I am doing according to our agreement and within my scope of practice, this just makes it that much easier to do so”.

The guy was totally shocked and couldn’t understand it. And even at the end he mentioned how surprised that just a 10% decrease in pay meant so much to my brother.

Anyway, being in the healthcare profession and having owners who’s wives get waaaat too involved in the business and really really suck and turn a good job into a sucky job and turn a good relationship with your boss/employer into an antagonistic one over night. It is amazing the number of guys that never take the time to listen to a good employee, good worker and practioner just because they want to give their wife a little something to do with the business so they feel needed and some sense of accomplishment.

In the mean time my brother will be Giving up tens of thousands of dollars because of the wife and he and the wife will be losing even more than that.

I have been in and am kind of in a similar (but less severe) situation and it always sucks when the wife gets too involved.

(I linked the other thread with this one since we were on the topic of quitting).



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