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Feb 13, 2018
VenetianCougar All-American
Alright alright I’ll do an Un-CB thing and admit I overreacted
Alright, yes I overreacted. I do that pretty frequently and then calm down after a few minutes.

First off, a bit of context. The offending boy has antagonized my niece from time to time. He knows she’s younger and is a bit more sensitive than some due to her religion. Seeing her vulnerability, he acts like bullies do. Today he crossed a line because he made her discomfort related to sex.

I didn’t provide enough context, but it was clearly done to antagonize her. It wasn’t boys in a locker room, it was done in a specific group setting directed at her. It also wasn’t a brief thing but they carried on.

The fact that she is three years younger - and they know it - sets me off. I am pissed.

But my reaction was emotional (and I’m a bit fired up still but y’all have walked me off the ledge).

That said, the appropriate response is for my niece and her mom to discuss it and how to handle it in the future. This specific instance may merit a discussion with the teacher (not from me - from my niece and maybe her mom), but a nastygram does go too far.

So I admit I was wrong. I’m off the ledge.
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