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Mar 12, 2018
Byu_1988 Walk-on
There's a fatal flaw with this argument, IMO
And that's thinking that we can compete with Utah in recruiting. Since Utah joined the PAC 12, they've outrecruited us every year and it's really only been close one year. Numbers pulled from Rivals team rankings.

2018- BYU- 94, Utah- 38

2017- BYU- 62, Utah- 25

2016- BYU- 48, Utah- 33

2015- BYU- 66, Utah- 50

2014- BYU- 70, Utah- 66

2013- BYU- 70, Utah- 44

2012- BYU- 62, Utah- 28

2011- BYU- 62, Utah- 37

So, in the time since we went independent and Utah joined the PAC 12, our average class ranking has been 67th, and theirs has been 40th. Throw out our worst outlier (94th) and theirs (66th), and it's 63rd for us and 36th for them.

A 27 spot gap is huge. For perspective, that's the same difference between Oregon and Vanderbilt's classes for 2018. It's no wonder that Utah is beating us every year in football.

I looked back to the last 7 years of MWC membership for comparison. (I wanted to do eight so it would be an equal timeframe, but they didn't have a ranking for us in 2003.)

2010- 40

2009- 50

2008- 83

2007- 57

2006- 67

2005- 63

2004- 79

For a seven year average of 63rd, 59th if you throw out the biggest outlier.

So our recruiting has actually gotten worse since going independent, albeit by a small margin, our bowl tie-ins are worse, our chances of getting to the NY6 are worse, we just had our worst season in 50+ years, we can't freaking beat Utah, and some of you want to stay the course with independence? Count me out. BYU is trending downward, and it looks like the P5 ship has permanently sailed, so let's swallow our pride, get back in the MWC or join the AAC, and give our guys a better shot to play for something meaningful every year.
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