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Mar 12, 2018
ColonelMustard All-American
I promise this isn't a contentious thing. But I feel like there is a flaw in the post that claimed there was a flaw in
Your post kind of made my point. Let me explain.
Where do most of our recruits come from? UTAH. All the stats you just mentioned were when both BYU and Utah were in the mountain west. So we were on equal ground then.
You made a great point about our recruiting being worse since leaving the mountain west. But you made the assumption that data must mean MWC=Better Recruits. I believe what it actually shows is when BYU and Utah were in the same conference kids from utah simply made the choice about which school they liked better. Or which school was playing better etc etc. But now Utah is in the PAC 12. We aren't on an even playing field recruiting-wise. Your post proved this. Where your argument is wrong IMHO is that going back to the Mountain west wouldn't IMPROVE our recruiting it would WORSEN it.
If you think our recruiting is bad now...what do you think it will be like when the choice for kids in Utah is to play in the MWC or in the PAC 12? It would be a no brainer to go the PAC 12 route. (obviously i'm excluding lds kids who want to play for a church school etc. My point is about the kids on the fence) At least as an independent we can sell them on getting exposure by playing on ESPN every week, meaning scouts will see them, and on playing a national schedule in historic stadiums. In the MWC conference what would be our sell? Winning a trophy that no one cares about?

The recruiting woes we have right now as an independent will get better if we were to start winning. I never said we'd get on par with utah while independent, but we have a better shot at it in independence than the Mountain West.


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