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Mar 13, 2018
johnnybyu All-American
Is the MWC really that butt hurt they can't make a smart financial decision?
Look at the attendance numbers in the MWC. http://collegefootballnews.com/2017/08/mountain-west-ranks-7th-in-mens-basketball-conference-attendance-in-2017-mwcwire-boettger

Outside of the San Diego, UNLV, and New Mexico they are pathetic. Utah State was ok but it is trending down.

IF they add Gonzaga are they really not going to add BYU? Once they add Gonzaga they can't say you have to have football. They have a chance to add a consistent top 100 team that would lead the league in attendance in BYU. I have a hard time believing they can't get over their issues and make a smart decision. You know all the MWC fans that claim they don't want BYU would also be the first people to buy tickets when they come to cheer against them. Then you have the local LDS fans to boost attendance.

Football should be a an easy un-emotional discussion. If the MWC can match what BYU gets Indy they can get football as well. We all know they can't. From what I can tell the difference is 5 million to 1 million. For a grownup that should be easy to understand. No one would leave a job for an 80% paycut. So football obviously doesn't work and there is not reason to get upset about it.

You would think Tom and Hair can have and adult conversation and understand Basketball would benefit both parties. It is pathetic to make an emotional decision that leaves both BYU and the MWC worse off. Maybe the hate is just too much, but that would be really pathetic leadership on both parts. When the MWC new TV Deal comes up I can guarantee BYU will be revenue positive compared the rest of the conference. Outside of a few teams I can't believe there is much value for ESPN or any other networks. San Jose and Air Force would be pathetic for WCC and high school attendance.

For us fans we need to get over it as well and realize BYU football as Indy and the rest of the sports in the MWC with Gonzaga is the best option. The AAC travel would be really hard. They only way the AAC works is to bring multiple western partners and I don't see that happening.

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