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Mar 13, 2018
TrueBlue67 All-American
I don't believe for a minute (even less than that in reality) that BYU will
rejoin the pathetic MWC. The BYU/Church admins remember far too well what the presidents of the MWC schools and Hair pulled back in 2010. As long as Hair is the commissioner of the MWC, I can't see BYU rejoining that group of losers. Hey, but then, I am just a fan.

While others on here scream, whine, and cry about the dilution and the loss in revenue, I would argue the opposite would be true (given the new contract the AAC will get AFTER the 2019-2020 season) if Boise, BYU, CSU and SDSU joined the AAC as full members and Gonzaga and St. Mary's joined as non-football members. Based on 2017 football statistics and 2016-2017 basketball statistics, the two conferences (football-wise) stack up as follows:

Average stadium size: AAC-43,555, MWC-39,937
Average attendance: AAC-28,353, MWC-24,738

With these additional four teams, the stats change as follows:

Average stadium size: AAC-45,716, MWC-37,161
Average attendance: AAC-31,190, MWC-21,591

Average stadium size change: AAC-5% increase, MWC-7% DECREASE
Average attendance change: AAC-10% increase, MWC-13% DECREASE

Average arena size: AAC-9,789, MWC-11,947
Average attendance: AAC-6,066, MWC-6,724

With these additional six teams, the stats change as follows:

Average arena size: AAC-9,998, MWC-12,178
Average attendance: AAC-6,549, MWC-6,556

Average arena size change: AAC-2% increase, MWC-2% increase
Average attendance change: AAC-8% increase, MWC-2% DECREASE

The big difference between the AAC and the MWC is PERCEPTION. Compared to its "G5" counterparts, the AAC has it. The MWC does not.

Three of the last four teams to make it to a NY6 bowl game were from the AAC. The other was from the MAC. If Boise were to leave the MWC, the MWC's lone BCS/NY6 team would be Hawaii (LOL). In basketball, the leagues are on par with each other with the nod going to the AAC. In the past 4 seasons, the AAC has had 11 teams make the NCAA tournament and MWC has had 7.

Lastly, TV matters. The MWC, much more so than the PAC12, is on an island. It is mainly sandwiched between the Central and Pacific time zones with no ability to draw fans from the East. On the contrary, the AAC, while nowhere near the draw of the ACC, B1G, Big12, or SEC, has the ability to increase its draw because of its eastern-centric geography. Adding the top teams available in the west would give the AAC the ability to have its teams on TV from 10 am in the East to midnight in the West.

I cannot see BYU ever crawling back to the MWC. If anything, I see BYU holding out and then going to the AAC if it has to make a choice.
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