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May 16, 2018
BlooCoog Playmaker
SL Trib still best news source in Utah and it's not even close..there are haters
that are going to want to diss the Tribune given it's perceived slant against BYU and the church, and yet if you want above average journalism (and sometimes even excellent journalism) it is still the best news source in Utah...by a mile. The Deseret News and KSL are super professional organizations and do a good job for the market segment they seek to reach (politically conservative, older, mostly white Mormon population). But if you don't fit that demographic most of their news stories are quite vanilla and don't fit into the category of "required reading," and rarely would their stories be described as "impact journalism."

The SL Tribune, on the other hand, shoots for a much broader demographic, some of their stories definitely are required reading, and they just won a Pulitizer Prize for some brilliant investigative reporting on some critical weaknesses in BYU's sexual assault reporting protocol. Very few papers can claim a Pulitzer; It's a big deal. Their stories routinely put pressure on large organizations to act morally, and they often succeed.

I know many of you don't love the Trib, but it is an essential news source in Utah...one this sometimes monolithic culture definitely needs, especially for those of us who don't fit the DesNews demographic. As an active Mormon and BYU grad, I read the majority of their LDS-focused and BYU-related stories and find them to be quite fair most of the time. I didn't love the slant of some of Jay Drew's stuff but it wasn't horrible, and I don't love some of Monson's rants (he's clearly not too interested in casting BYU in a positive light most of the time). But other than that I find their coverage of the LDS Church and BYU to be mostly fair. Hard to ask more than that of a paper that's not owned by the church.

I subscribed to the Tribune recently and would gladly pay more to help keep them financially sound. Utah needs the SL Tribune.




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