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May 16, 2018
che flaco All-American
I'm not feeling very fond of people in general lately.
Sorry for the Facebook type post, feel free not to read further if you wish. But i feel like recently I have just encountered a lot of angry, rude, and clueless people and have a hard time feeling positive toward people in general.

Example, my next door neighbor, who has always been kind of cold to everyone but at least kept to himself has suddenly had a couple of outbursts about small things. One day I heard him have an F bomb outburst about someone's garbage cans being in the way (in the middle of the day with little kids walking home from school at the time), he sent a complaint to our property management company about some things from our recycling bin blowing into his yard (we live in a triplex, it wasn't our stuff. Also it's ironic cause his yard/house is super trashy and has crap everywhere), and today he freaked out on another neighbors wife about some small issue. It's made it super awkward and makes my wife nervous and makes us not want to stay here much longer.

Also I feel like I have noticed so many cases of crazy road rage/road rudeness/stupidity every single day and have been frustrated with how self absorbed and inconsiderate people can be. I've also been noticing other little things like people being completely unaware of others in public places like grocery stores or at school. In general, I've just felt like people are selfish and rude and clueless and that people in general just kinda suck.

I totally realize that this is mostly a me problem, and is how I'm choosing to see and perceive the world, and that I too probably often clueless and self absorbed, but it's really been bugging me and making me more cynical and negative. I know I probably need to focus more on serving and seeing the good in people, but geez....

Anyone else felt this way? Any tips on how to snap out of it or at least on how to better deal with legitimately rude people? Or if you also want to vent about how people suck that's fine too 😏

Again, sorry for this type of post, but this is a good place for me to let off steam and seek advice sometimes.



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