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Aug 9, 2018
777 Playmaker
I just tried to eat at KFC for the first time in 15 years. Tried is the key word
I pulled into the Sugarhouse drivethru with 4 cars in front of me. Didn't move for 5 minutes. So I backed into a parking spot. Keep in mind that when I was waiting I had seen a crazy woman running down 13th East, then she disappeared from my view.

So I walk in and there is an employee yelling at the guy working the window, like he is clueless. There are two people ahead of me in line. Then out of nowhere that same crazy lady I saw running down 13th East comes running from somewhere back in the kitchen and out the doors. She was holding something. I then hear a man screaming to stop her, as he comes into view from the back somewhere, he's wearing a headset and apron and I'm guessing is the manager. He runs out the doors in hot pursuit and immediately he face plants into the concrete as he tried to make hard left. Everybody gasped, and I was headed out to see if he would need an ambulance, but he popped back up and continued the pursuit. Those two were now out of sight.

Meanwhile all the customers are just staring at each other and there is a girl at the counter trying to take an order like nothing happened. The window guy goes back to yelling at the other window guy.

3 minutes later the manager comes back in and throws something into the trash. An employee asks him if he caught her and he nods yes. He's bleeding badly from his arms and chin. He walks behind the counter and immediately goes back to work without hand washing.

At that point I just decided to cut my losses and head out. I was just lucky I wasn't caught in the crossfire of a robbery.

So as I left and pulled out, those cars were still in the same place in the drive thru.

There is more....Are you still with me?

I decided I really wanted to give KFC a try, so I drove down to 39th and state and parked and walked in. All was calm. Nobody in there. But there were stand alone fans blowing behind the counter and many flies. Something was off. I count 3 employees wandering about. I go to order and the guy says "Give me a moment and disappears into the back. I can hear the employees arguing in the back, and then silence, then arguing again. After 5 minutes, they never came back.

So I cut my losses again, and went to Taco Time across the street, where the had my order for me in less than 5 minutes.

I guess I'm not supposed to eat at KFC, I'm sure my intestines are thrilled.



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