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Sep 13, 2018
Twin Roots All-American
Before I get going on another ridiculously busy day

On the medical side of things, they brought Jessica back to normal body temperature yesterday and eliminated her Propofol drip (sedative). The hope was always that at that point we could possibly wake her up. It's the strangest thing I've personally witnessed because her eyes are open most of the time, but she's not looking at anything. She won't respond to commands. I can barely get a small squeeze from her hand but it seems to be just reflex. She will react when the nurses suction her mouth but other than that, just nothing. Overall she does look better than the first day but seeing so little improvement makes me think there is fairly catastrophic brain damage. To see someone who is so intelligent staring blankly at the ceiling just crushes my heart. I don't understand why my CPR didn't work. I haven't seen the results of her MRI from last night but I'm struggling to remain hopeful. CB has been an incredible blessing for me in this time, especially as I fight to get her health insurance re-instated. I've been directed to some great people to help me with that. That's unfortunately taking up much of my energy but its pretty important. That's all I have for now. God bless.
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