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Sep 13, 2018
BYURadar Walk-on
Grouchy Wisconsin Fans

Last year’s Wisconsin game was unenjoyable for me. Not just because of BYU’s poor showing, but because the season ticket holders for the row in front of me sold their tickets to some Wisconsin fans. I’ve sat by some curmudgeons in my time, but the crusty old couple that sat in front of my family took it to a whole new level.


I have four sons that I take to the games. My youngest was just under three years old and the oldest was nine at the time. My boys are mostly well behaved at the games, but they are boys, and so they get up and move around, getting food or drinks, trading toys, etc. At even the slightest touch to the backs of these old Wisconsin fans, they would turn and scowl at us. Throughout the season, no one else complained (nor even seemed to notice) this minor jostling that is part of sitting in a large crowd.


After this one bump, the man turned to me and asked angrily, “Am I in your way?”


“No... Sorry.” I was just shifting my legs, I’ll try not to move anymore.


Instead of watching the game, I became vigilant in making sure that no small elbow brushed his back, and no little tennis shoe even slightly touched him. Policing four little ones like that is exhausting, and stupid. Each evil-eye sent my way was matched by silent, intensifying indignation.


Sometime late in the third quarter, the man turned to ask for the third time, “Are we in your way?”


“Yes, you are.” I replied.


“Where should we go, then?” He snapped back.


“How ‘bout Wisconsin?” My response was muttered, so he probably didn’t hear. After that, I stopped carefully managing my boys. Let them bump as they will. Drive these grumps out of the stadium with your inquietude! Send them packing with your boisterousness! I don’t care! Bwahh, ha ha ha!


They left the game early, and I hope I was part of the reason. What a miserable experience! What miserable people to sit by.


So, I hope that BYU marches into Camp Randall on Saturday ready to fight! I hope that Wisconsin has taken their preparation lightly, and that the Cougars can smash them from the start! I hope for nothing but misery for their miserable fans.

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