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Sep 16, 2018
WizeGuise All-American
Observations and questions on the game.
I will repeat that BYU started 3 freshman on the OL in B1G country including at LT once again. And the guy next to him has never played a down in college IIRC. And a soph who was a backup at ND and a Sr.

Question (In my best Dwight Shrute voice): What was the deal with Shoaf? Is he just not as quick at 300 lbs? Was he not 100%.

The OL played really well, but you also have to credit scheme also. That jet sweep package opens up a monster lane in the middle and BYU took advantage of it a few times.

Squally has been running hard. I doubt he gets many NFL looks, but he is picking lanes and going full speed. Great effort. And gotta love mom in the stands.

BYU winning with 89 yards passing is as likely as WI not having a couple guys with Zs in their name on the roster. Credit Grimes and Tanner with limiting mistakes. Smart play calling and good decisions by Tanner.

The PI calls were both bogus. Irate that the one on BYU cost then a 4th down stop, but elated that they gave one back when Milne had a nice TD pass bounce off his shoulder pad. Really nice throw by Tanner on that play. But that ain’t PI in this day and age. At least they were consistent on those two calls and we were lucky IMO because that was a 4-point swing.

Four penalties on the road in a huge game.

Still no fumbles on the year unless I am mistaken. How many teams can say that? And how many teams have played this caliber of schedule so far?

Tanner throwing the ball away a few times was a sign of maturity. Maybe the WA QB could take some notes.

BYU had fewer yards and got worked on time of possession (if that matters) but no TOs, the nice pic by Anderson, and the trick play = points in a game where nether defense gave points away easily. The better disciplined team won.

Speaking of the trick play, what a thing of beauty in every respect. Timing and execution. A truly great play to be remembered for a long time.

Time to give Tuiaki his due. Great scheme against the returning QB of a top 5 team that went 13-1 and won the Orange Bowl. With three pre-season AA on the OL and a Heisman candidate at RB. Let that sink in a minute. BYU should get worked by that team and give up 35+. He brought in some extra hogs on the line and still had good speed behind them at OLB.

In our two wins BYU coaches out coached the yewt out of AZ and I think outcoached WI as well. That is saying something and is a bit hard for me to comprehend given where BYU has been the last few years and given that: there are still few play makers on this offense. We see Hifo emerging as the play maker. And he had a very nice game. About 80 yards between runs and catches. The moves he made on the left sideline making three guys miss were great. But this team doesn’t have Taysom and Jamaal and nothing even close really. So what you have are some very capable linemen and some good preparation with every guy knowing his job. I don’t see any other explanation for two road wins when they were a combined 33 point dog in week one and three on the road.

This should help recruiting or at least stop some of the pessimism, but only if they remain competent the rest of the season.

I think UW is a tougher matchup than WI. Spread it out with speed everywhere is not the same as eat a few brats and push hard. It will be interesting to see what BYU comes up with on the game plan. I still think they are double digit dogs at UW.
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