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Oct 3, 2018
TorqueRench 3rd String
OldCosmo passed away.
After battling cancer for 15 years, OldCosmo peacefully returned to the arms of our Lord yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, October 02, 2018).

You may remember him as a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a brother, a nuisance, an argumentative jerk, a stubborn bull, a compassionate servant, a generous boss, a lovable goober, a gunsmith, a BBQ pit boss, a loyal, strong, and true BYU fan, a scholar, a stalwart warrior, a missionary, a loving husband, a Child of God. I remember him as a father. In honor of his life, I'd like to share some of my memories of OldCosmo.

OldCosmo loved naps. He used to have this old, blue, upholstered recliner that was his favorite place to nap. The thing was, OldCosmo was a very tall man who, in his prime, towered over most people at 6ft, 8in tall. Inevitably, his feet would hang off the end of the recliner while he napped. We kids would get bored with his afternoon naps and tickle his feet to wake him up. He would growl and groan before roaring off the recliner and down to the floor to wrestle with us wayward children. We would giggle and squeal in childish delight until it was time for dinner.

OldCosmo once bought the original TombRaider game on Sega as a present for his daughter's 5th birthday. I'm pretty sure he bought it because he wanted to play it himself, but I did get to snuggle in his lap while he played with my birthday present...

OldCosmo had a beautiful singing voice. He performed in many different choirs throughout his youth and adulthood. He sang in small ensembles and quartets. His love for music permeated our household. Every single one of his children can play an instrument and sing. I had the pleasure of performing with him at my baptism. We sang "Baptism" and he stole the show in the best way possible. Even after cancer stole his singing voice, he clung to music. The song of the righteous is a prayer unto the Lord, and the hymns of the Lord were OldCosmo's balm of Gilead.

One time, in an attempt to be sassy, OldCosmo exclaimed, "My lips, your butt!"...It was not his brightest moment but it did bring an incredible amount of laughter.

OldCosmo was a remarkable story teller. Bedtime was a treat anytime Dad was in the mood to tell us about the adventures of Zippenafferous, a character he built for us. Car rides were peaceful when we heard the tale of the three horses. Campfires became all the more appreciated when he entranced us with the legend of the Mogollon Monster.

OldCosmo was an incredibly generous man. He worked hard to provide for his family. He gave freely anything that was needed to help his children, to benefit others, to care for the needy.

While OldCosmo's passing comes as a massive loss for my family, I am happy that he is free from the trials of this life. I rejoice in the fact that he is able to serve alongside his father, his mother, and his younger brother, all of whom preceded him in death.

Thank you all for the friendship and camaraderie that you built with my Dad. He valued you all. He enjoyed his time here. He found strength and distraction from his trials and suffering in the companionship that he found here. He tried to sell me here one time but let's leave that be...

Funeral Services will be held for OldCosmo, my father, David Rencher, on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 11:00am at the LDS chapel on Manse Road in Pahrump, Nevada.
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