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Oct 10, 2018
CSoul All-American
People in my neighborhood (especially women) have completely lost their minds
around any property crimes that happen in the neighborhood. This is in an area of SL County where most of the residents are younger couples that have lived in the area their whole lives and their parents were usually fairly well off. They have this view that the area is turning in to Compton or something because they get stuff stolen if they leave it in their car unlocked outside the garage during the day (duh!). Any time anything remotely bad happens they want to gate everything up and create a police state. Two of the times this has happened it has been employees of the residents! It's like watching little kids just wake up to the fact that Santa doesn't exist. Some Facebook comments from the most recent thread:


"I can't believe this is happening so often! I'm so sorry {person} and anyone else this has happened to. I think it's time we stop and confront anyone who looks out of place or seems to be roaming the hood. I have totally stopped people and said, "can I help you?" They need to know, we're watching and aware!"


"I am not recommending this, but Saturday night there was a van sitting outside our house for several minutes. My mother-in-law was nervous to walk home (she lives the block behind me). I was so mad, I walked up to the van and knocked on the window. The guy was busy on his phone and didn’t see me. He rolled down the window and said I scared the crap out of him. 😲 I asked him if he needed help. He said he was an Uber driver waiting to pick up. It made sense the way he was looking on his phone. I did feel better knowing he had a purpose, but I hate that we have to have these worries!"


"Why can’t we put monitoring at the front of the neighborhood that clicks a photo of every car going in and out. Atleast we know who is coming and going."



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