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Nov 8, 2018
oxcoug All-American
Actually overheard on the train today, teen dude: "Mom, when I unzip my pants
it smells like fish." (this after he'd just returned from the bathroom).

Mom: "Well, that shouldn't happen. You need to start showering every day."
Dude: "How about every OTHER day?"
Mom: "What, don't you do that already??!?"
Dude: "Well, some days I go in the bathroom and switch on the shower so you'll think I'm showering...."
Mom: "James!!!"

I was sitting across from them with headphones on so I'm guessing they thought I couldn't hear, but I was paused on a podcast and surfing my Audible library. Yikes.

This was on the Hudson River Amtrak line between Rhinecliffe and Beacon.



"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here."

"Our fan base is, overall, incredibly embarrassing."

-- PortlandUte (such an honest man)

"When it came time for me to select a university, my first choice was BYU here in Provo; however, I did not qualify. Not academically, because I had worked through high school more than I had studied, nor financially, because I could not afford to live away from home. Hence the option I chose was to attend the University of Utah, where I could live at home, work locally, and attend school full-time. Sometimes we need to be willing to adjust our goals and modify our plans while never losing sight of the desired end result."

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