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Dec 5, 2018
Klompus Walk-on
I need to take my BYU football fandom down a notch. I just don't enjoy Indy.

I am putting this in conference realignment category so those who don't care cant whine at me for my reasoning. 

I love BYU football, probably too much. Ive had season tickets for football for almost 20 years. I have a BYU flag flying on my house pretty much year round, I have a BYU license plate, I have BYU clothing for weeks, and my Man-Cave is littered with BYU stuff. 

Here's the problem. BYU is not the program that I fell in love with anymore. Times have changed and not all of it is BYU's fault. Some of it is however. 

BYU used to be a team that consistantly competed for and won conference championships. They were a big fish in a small pond. They were innovative in how they played the game. They won a ton of games. They didn't recruit that well in comparison with teams like USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Miami etc, but BYU knew who they were. They played a schedule that fit and had a chip on their shoulders when a big game came around. Thats the BYU history of success, that is the BYU pedigree. 

That is not BYU anymore. These past 8 years have been the hardest for me as a fan, harder than the Crowton years. I am not sure 100% why that is, but I am not enjoying it. I think I really enjoyed the competative nature of conference play. Knowing that each game mattered. A random game agaist New Mexico at the least had conference implications and mattered, where as a random game against New Mexico St now is meaningless and almost torture to me. Also I look at the schedules coming up... they are very tough. Fact of the matter is, to compete against schedules like that BYU needs improved recruiting. Recruiting has actually dropped slightly since our MWC days. If recruiting cant take a major step forward, we need top flight coaching at all positions. BYU can't get that, period. Not with our standards and limitations. 

I find myself not enjoying the games and the effort it takes to attend in person just doesnt make sense for me anymore. Im not having fun. This isnt just an issue of the past 2 years. Its more than that. I find myself wishing I were home, and that I could change the channel and check in on other games, or on other teams that I follow. I am really more upset after the losses, or meh after many of the wins that I think I am realizing that BYU football is something I put too much stock into in my life. 

I have decided that I will not buy tickets for next season. I will still watch the game, I will still attend maybe 1 game here or there. Frankly, tickets are easy to come by these days and they never sell out anymore. My opinion is that BYU is best suited in the American conference, along with Boise. Or that the best of the MWC and AAC should combine and make a new conference. I have 0 hope that BYU will be asked to join a P5. It just won't happen IMO. If any of those things do happen though, I will likely reevaluate season tickets. 

TL;DR - I don't agree with with path that BYU football is on and need to take a step back. I don't enjoy Independence. I'll still watch the games and wear my BYU gear, but no more season tickets. 

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