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Dec 5, 2018
Trent Walk-on
It's often mentioned, but I think it's tough to overemphasize how much losing...

...Ricks College football negatively impacted BYU football. It's impossible to say for sure, but I think with Ricks we maybe would have gotten the services of guys like Star Lotulelei and maybe then his brother. Regardless of that specific situation, Ricks was a major pipeline for BYU and helped mitigate multiple issues we currently face. Getting some BYU guys running a JC program and creating a super strong tie between the two schools would behoove BYU. Snow I guess really is the logical spot, but I don't know that any real effort is made to collaborate and create that strong tie.

BYU could amplify Snow's recruiting by going after guys that won't get into BYU but could be great at BYU and get them to go to Snow. Snow would appreciate the help with talent. BYU could provide coaches for Snow football camps. Sponsor Snow in other ways. Find ways to make Snow into Ricks 2.0. 

Along those lines, BamaCoug's son should potentially consider Snow. He could help start the pipeline.  

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